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1 Polarizing Switch controller with 8 advantages

Updated: Apr 14

Ready for a more intense Gaming experience? The one-piece controller that replaces for Nintendo Switch Joypad can evenly distribute the pressure, protect the console and avoid physical damage to the console.

Thanks for stopping by gameProXL. Let's take a deeper dive into Gammeefy's Switch Joystick.

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Nintendo Switch one-piece controller features

Full-Size Grip & Play While Charging

Comfortable to hold because of its Full-Size Grip. Gain massive room to operate with its large Keys.

Plug & Play of Wired Switch Controller

First please open “Pro Controller Wired Communication” of your switch console. This switch controllers is via USB-C interface to connect console get a great improvement on lag issue, just plug & use without lag. Enjoy your game freely under the handheld model.(please note the buckle place while plug console).

3 Turbo Speeds & Auto Attack

Dominate any Shooting Game. you no longer need to press the shoot button all the time and can simply set it to 5/12/20 shots per second.

Dual Vibration & Motion Control

Capture insane realistic Gaming experiences. Sensitive motion control, fast response without delay, 6-axis gyro for gravity sensing, suitable for Nintendo motion sensing games, such as Zelda, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, etc. Provides a compelling and immersive gaming experience.

Nintendo Switch Joystick Reviews

See full review on posted 2/21/23

This adapter for the switch is definitely an upgrade from the base joycons. My hands are a bit big and the lack of grip support on the standard joycons becomes very uncomfortable rather quickly. These are far more comfortable to hold for extended periods.

See full review on posted 2/08/23

The controller is great. I can't play on the joy con controllers because it's just too awkward for my hands. This one feels like you're holding a console controller

See full review on posted 3/09/23

The good about this controller is the design. Feels good in your hands, and the buttons are big. It also protects the back of switch.

Wrap up

Simple guys, if you have BIG HANDS 🖐🖐 and want more protection for your console, try this!

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