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Shocking new details about Nintendo Switch OLED

Updated: Feb 9

What people think about the Nintendo Switch – OLED Model w/ White Joy-Con. The new system features a vibrant 7-inch OLED screen, 64 GB of internal storage, a wide adjustable stand, a dock with a wired LAN port, and enhanced audio. Thanks for stopping by gameProXL. In this post, read recent Customer reviews and what Gamers think this unique console.

What are the OLED Model w/ White Joy-Con features

Three modes in one

TV Mode

Dock your system to enjoy HD gaming on your TV.

Tabletop Mode

Flip the stand to share the screen, then share the fun with a multiplayer game.

Handheld Mode

Pick it up and play with the Joy-Con controllers attached to enjoy the 7-inch OLED screen.

Gamers on couch playing Video Games

Best 2024 Handheld Nintendo Switch

OLED Model w/ White Joy-Con

2023 Customer Reviews

Review posted on 01/18/23 by

Disclaimer: In my pictures, you can see I received the Japanese version. I bought mine from a third-party seller, no matter the region. Any switch can play any physical or digital game, as they are not region-locked. If you end up getting one overseas, make sure your router's Wi-Fi channel is under 149, or you'll have trouble connecting to the Wi-Fi.

Now to start... I myself wasn't interested in upgrading, as I at first didn't see the point since the improvements seemed minor. Oh boy, was I wrong! To start, the main upgrade is the screen, which is so much better than the original. It's way brighter and makes every game you play look better in handheld mode. I couldn't help but want to play on my switch more than my dock just because of how good it looks.

This switch is also so beautiful. I love the design of the dock. The joycons and the switch itself as they are based on the game's team colors that are picked each time. The switch also has engravings on the joystick and console so that you can actually feel the texture difference. The work that Nintendo has put into the console is incredible.

Don't even get me started on how they changed the power and volume buttons to make them easier to press. I also love the new fully adjustable kickstand and Ethernet port, which make it much easier to dock.

Oh, and the sound coming from the switch sounds so much better now that they changed and added another speaker!

If you're interested in getting your first switch, I highly recommend this one! But if you're upgrading, I know I said earlier that it's not much of an upgrade; that's still true, as they only made the storage bigger, added a bigger and brighter screen, added Ethernet, and improved kickstand support for old switch owners. It's your choice if you really value the handheld experience or a better kickstand. But if you do, you will not be disappointed!

Review posted on 02/10/23 by

I watched and read several reviews of this product before purchasing, and I can tell you that if you primarily use your switch in the handheld configuration, it is absolutely worth the price. The display is much sharper, more vibrant, and has far better low-light characteristics compared to my regular switch, and it almost feels like it is higher-resolution despite being the same. The construction feels higher quality as well, with the surfaces you mainly interact with being made of metal. The kickstand is what the og switch should've had, feels much sturdier and offers adjustable angles. All that and the built in storage is 64 gb instead of the 32 gb the og switch offers, and the dock is allegedly less prone to scratching the screen and body when inserting and removing the switch from the dock compared to the dock that comes with the original. All in all, stellar product, worth the increased price if you're a handheld user. There isn't any noticeable difference when playing in docked mode, so if you're either planning on using or currently use your switch in docked mode, I would still recommend this over the og switch because of the increased internal storage, and the Ethernet port that is built into the dock.

It's worth the price difference. Very satisfied with this product.

Nintendo Switch OLED Joy-Con Video Game Controller

Other Website Reviews

Nintendo Switch – OLED Model w/ White Joy-Con

GameSpot – "...the best display on any dedicated handheld gaming device… ever."

GameXplain – "...a fantastic upgrade for anyone looking to game on the go."

Game Informer – "The screen is an absolute marvel…"

IGN – "Outside of the display, my favorite improvement to the Switch OLED is easily the new kickstand." – 8/10

Shacknews – "...the best portable visual experience…" – 9/10

The Verge – "...premium portable experience." – 8/10

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