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1 Epic accessory you need. PlayStation Charging Station

Updated: Apr 17

Charge and display your DualSense Wireless Controllers with the officially licensed Twin Charging Station for PlayStation 5. Charging two controllers at once is simple–just set them down until the LED on the DualSense indicates that they are fully charged, then just pick them up and get your game on. Or, leave your controllers on the station for an awesome, eye-catching display. Feel confident your controllers are always ready to game as they charge and display alongside your PS5 console--or anywhere you choose to display them.

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Does PlayStation make a Charging Station?

DualSense or DualSense Edge

Click-in design: Dock up to two DualSense or DualSense Edge wireless controllers effortlessly with the charging station's click-in design – and leave them to charge at your convenience.

Does PS5 have a Charging Station?

PowerA Twin Charging Station

【Charges Dual PS5 Controllers Quickly】This PS5 Controller Charger Station is specially designed to connect with designated AC Power Adapter (5V/3A) and charge double PS5 controllers at the same time.

What is the best PS5 Charging station?

PowerA Twin Charging Station

White PlayStation 5 PowerA Twin Charging Station

How does the PowerA Twin Charging Station work?

  • Charges 2 dual sense wireless Controllers plus snap-down charging design

  • Charges and Displays controllers in style plus powered by AC adapter

Does the PS5 Charging Station work on PS4?

PS4/PS5 Controller Charging Station, Compatible with PS4 Controller DualShock 4 & PS5 DualSense, 2 in 1 Replacement Fast Charger Station Dock For PlayStation4 / PlayStation5 Controller.

6 Best Charging Stations for PS5

PowerA Twin Charging Station Reviews

Review posted on 01/17/23 by

I have owned a few PowerA products, and all have functioned beautifully. My wired Xbox controllers would always experience awful stick drift after a few months, and my PowerA controller still works to this day (2 years later).

As for this product, my OEM charger died after 3 months and Sony refused to replace it (despite it being under warranty), so I purchased this charger to replace it. It has worked flawlessly for over a year now. Sony makes products with short lifespans and has some of the worst customer support I have ever had the displeasure of interacting with, but it's good to know there are 3rd-party products out there that can replace the OEM garbage they sell.

Review posted on 02/02/23 by

I'm so happy to NEVER mess with cables again!! Just "set it down and forget it" and you'll never have a dead controller again!

Review posted on 02/02/23 by

Great product Thank you!

Review posted on 01/29/23 by

Better than expected, easy install!

Review posted on 01/04/23 by

I was a little nervous thinking that it wouldn't work when I inserted the USB cord into my PS5 Controller but it actually worked and charged the battery to 100% in no time. A purchase well-spent in my opinion.

Review posted on 01/15/23 by

Bought this as a gift about a month ago - it seems to be working well so far. Thanks!

Review posted on 01/21/23 by

It's a great HDMI cable for high speed transfer

Review posted on 01/14/23 by

It is worth the money. I use it for my PC.

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Investing in a PlayStation Charging Station is money well spent. Stop worrying about cables and having to switch controllers.

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