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Never before seen 2024 hand-ons look at God of War Ragnarok

Updated: Feb 9

An enthralling spectacle to behold and an even more exciting one to take the reins of, God of War Ragnarok melds action and adventure together to create a new, unforgettable Norse saga. Impeccable writing, pitch-perfect performances, knockout action – it’s a complete work of art from top to bottom. Reflecting its core themes, it's everything a sequel should be: respectful of its legendary lineage, but not afraid to take it to exciting new places. God of War Ragnarok is an almighty achievement and creates a new high that makes many of its peers look positively mortal by comparison. Verdict posted on 11/03/22 by IGN. See full review at

What is God of War Ragnarok?

Embark on an epic and heartfelt journey as Kratos and Atreus struggle with holding on and letting go. Against a backdrop of Norse Realms torn asunder by the fury of the Aesir, they’ve been trying their utmost to undo the end times. But despite their best efforts, Fimbulwinter presses onward. Witness the changing dynamic of the father-son relationship as they fight for survival; Atreus thirsts for knowledge to help him understand the prophecy of “Loki”, as Kratos struggles to break free of his past and be the father his son needs. See for yourself how fate will force a choice upon them: between their own safety or the safety of the realms. All the while, hostile Asgardian forces assemble… Venture through all Nine Realms towards the prophesied battle that will end the world. Vanquish Norse gods and monsters alike in fluid, expressive combat. Explore in wonder through stunning mythological landscapes. *God of War Ragnarök Launch Edition includes a voucher code to redeem all God of War Ragnarök pre-order digital bonuses. Unlock in-game items via story progression.

Is Ragnarok Kratos the last game?

Santa Monica Studio, God of War's developer, has said Ragnarok is the end, and that God of War won't be spun into another trilogy.

God of War Rognarok Reviews

Review posted on 12/07/22 by

If you're a fan of great story and intense gameplay, this game delivers on both. It picks up seamlessly from the last installment, and explains the passage of time really well. The segue proves to be extremely satisfying, while also giving you a short, effective tutorial on the controls. If you're a fan of the franchise, go ahead and believe the hype - this game is worth it. I'll write the rest of this review for anyone who's new to GoW.

So if you're new to GoW, you may want to know that the story is completely linear (with allowances for plenty of side quests), and your decisions don't exist. Don't expect conversation options or Fallout IV decision-making or even the slightest story impact. Even the maps are closed and limited (although there are plenty of secrets and hidden bits). You basically have one story path that nonetheless leads to a very satisfying conclusion (IMO). Don't let the closed-option gameplay deter you, though. I'm a big fan of open-world RPGs, but this one not only held my attention, I actually bothered to do every. little. sidequest. because I didn't want it to be over.

Review posted on 11/14/22 by

God of War Ragnarok is a MASTERPIECE. It has met every fans expectation and by far surpassed it. It improves everything on what made God of War 2018 so great. I am having a time of my life playing this game. Graphics are out of this world. The best graphics I have seen in any game to this date. The Gameplay remains unbeatable. So satisfying with every click of a button and you can feel all those attacks with haptic feedback on the ps5 controller. The pure bliss of all the variety of attacks, combos and moves. Different ways to slaughter your enemies. Oh boy If I sit and state every great thing this game offers it will take me an eternity. This game is the sole worthy of the title "Masterpiece" and "Game of the Year 2022" atleast in my and many MANY others opinions. God of War Ragnarok got 46 Perfect Scores and an Average of 94 out of 100 from critics Reviews. It got the title of "Must Play" before it even got released. I honestly don't even have to say anything else.

Now if you are new to the series and want to get into it. I recommend you to play God of War 2018 first and before that Watch a video on Youtube by Playstation Grenade with the title "God of War | The Story So Far... Everything You Need To Know (2018)" This video catches you up on previous 1-3 God of War games and spoils nothing of God of War 2018. God of War 2018 is also called God of War 4 among many fans of the series as it is indeed a sequel so watching and understanding everything in the recap video I mentioned above is a must. After You have watched and understood the video, you are all set to hop in God of War 2018. Now if you loved God of War 2018 after playing it than Get God of War Ragnarok cuz this game is a sequel to the 2018 one. God of War Series is my favorite game of all time in my 20 years of gaming. No game has met and by far surpassed my expectations like God of War did. That's why I HIGHLY recommend this series to everyone, give it a chance. Trust me you won't regret it. You have the word of a loyal fan.

P.S. Short Story on how I became a loyal and die hard fan of the series. I took the same path as I have mentioned above. I watched the recap video than Played 2018 and my god I LOVED IT. I got soo hooked to the series that I played the first 1-3 God of War games myself by buying Playstation Plus premium with free trial for 7 days and finishing all thoes titles in just 4 days. After that I played God of War 2018 again for the second time and finished the main story from start to finish in just 2 days to be all ready and prepared for Ragnarok. I am so glad that I caught up on the previous games. This game and journey will forever be very close to my heart and special to me.

Review posted on 01/26/23 by

This is a game that I’ve been waiting a long, long, long time for. I think they were going to release it 2 other times and it didn’t happened, it was getting frustrating and started to get the feeling that I wasn’t even going to buy it when it did come out bc they left me in anticipation too many times. It came out and I couldn’t resist, so glad I didn’t bc this game is insanely good and so much fun. I bought it a while back and haven’t left the house since the purchase. Most people would be afraid of the zombie takeover of our planet, but I just take the game upstairs and play all day, the only time I come down stairs is to get food and to check out what the zombies are doing, which neighbors they’re munching on, then right back up to continue where I left off. Worth the money.

What are God of War Ragnarok key features?

1. Those who break fate

Atreus seeks knowledge to help him understand the prophecy of "Loki" and what role he his to play with Ragnarok.

2. Weapons of war

The Leviathan Axe, Blades of Chaos and Guardian Shield return along side a host of new abilities for both Kratos and Atreus.

3. Explore the realms

Journey to dangerous and stunning land-scapes while facing a wide variety of enemy creatures, monsters and Norse god as Kratos and Atreus search for answers and allies.

God of War Ragnarok

What are God of War Ragnarok PS5 features?

DualSense Wireless Controller Integration

Fully optimized for 3D audio

Stunning visuals

Fast loading via SSD

God of War Ragnarok review on gameProXL

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Final Thought

God of War: Ragnarok promises to be an epic continuation of Kratos and Atreus' journey, delving deeper into Norse mythology and the complexities of fatherhood. With stunning visuals, immersive gameplay, and a gripping narrative, anticipation for this sequel is at an all-time high. The upcoming installment is poised to challenge players both emotionally and intellectually as they navigate the tumultuous world of gods and monsters. As fans eagerly await its release, "God of War: Ragnarok" stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of the franchise and the power of storytelling in the realm of video games.

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Mykal Isquierdo
Mykal Isquierdo
Nov 15, 2023
Rated 2 out of 5 stars.

This game is still difficult for me 😪


Dec 08, 2022


Dec 08, 2022


Mykal Isquierdo
Mykal Isquierdo
Dec 03, 2022
Rated 2 out of 5 stars.

As the title suggests, God of War Ragnarok is about a cataclysmic war known in Norse mythology as Ragnarok. At its core, however, it's much more about the relationship between a father and his son. That father just happens to be an unstoppable killing machine. Crazy action in this one.


Nov 06, 2022

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