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This thrilling game will soon be revealed 2023 (Afterimage)

Updated: Feb 14

Afterimage is an intense hand-drawn 2D action adventure that emphasizes fast-paced combat.

dark house in Afterimage ps5 video game

Ready for Afterimage: Deluxe Edition on PS5? Dark fantasy weaponry at your disposal as you create the perfect character. Looking your enemy in the eyes as you capture their soul and collect your points. You've studied your strategy up and down, through and through. There is no turning back, you can't back down for the sake of the universe. Failing is not an option for you, as you sometimes are left to walk alone. You attack at will and cross all battle lines in this epic game. You will fall, you will get hit hard but destiny is in plain sight. You don't believe in fate or luck stored upon you. What is fate? "The development of events beyond a person's control, regarded as determined by a superrnatual power." No matter what, stay true to the mission, seek, conquer, destroy and master the ruins of the vast interconnected world of Engardin. In this Article, we'll shed some light on this much anticipated game.

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Best Upcoming Video Game Release 2023

Afterimage: Deluxe Edition PS5

Afterimage Official Trailer

Afterimage-Official Kickstart Trailer - IGN

What is Afterimage: Deluxe Edition about?

Save civilization from evil ruins

You must fear nothing but fear itself. Get comfortable being uncomfortable. Fit your custom combat Military armor and strap up the big black boots. Super human strength never seen on earth, that only exist in Fiction movies and Super Hero comic books. Action, adventure fast-paced is the world you live in and you love it. You engage with the unknown, the thought of defeat never enters your mind. You race to save civilization from the ruins of evil is the goal.

colorful flowers in Afterimage ps5 video game

Your screams and doubts fall on deaf ears. You suddenly realize all you need to do is develop a Warrior's mind-set. This is an indestructible mind-set very few beings will ever grasp. Seize the moment of no return, you now have the ever elusive momentum. You see light at the end of the lonely roads you've been traveling slowly getting brighter and intense. It's all in reach, your biggest challenge is now behind you. So you thought hmm.

castle in Afterimage ps5 video game

The end has come and you're standing tall. You really took it on the chin. What destruction, what a trail of fallen opposing characters you left behind. No longer in danger of letting it slip away, you did it. You made it on other side of a very dangerous fight. You won the battles and now you comand the War. The respect of an ultimate competitor you have. The helmet of the ultimate soilder you wear. Battered and bruised, your once untested body shields torn.

inside the castle in Afterimage ps5 video game

Afterimage: Deluxe Edition Review

gameProXL review posted 01/29/23

Encounters requiring extreme combat skills along with weaponry knowledge. Focus on long-term missions and calculated risks. There is great anticipation for Afterimage: Deluxe Edition on PS5.

What is the release date for Afterimage: Deluxe Edition PS5.

4/25/23 on

Pre-order Afterimage: Deluxe Edition on PS5

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colorful water fall in Afterimage ps5 video game

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