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2024 In-depth look at Resident Evil Village Winters' Expansion

Updated: Feb 12

Experience brand-new additional content for the award-winning modern horror masterpiece Resident Evil Village. The Winters' Expansion is mostly an underwhelming follow-up to Village. While Mercenaries Additional Orders has some valuable new maps and characters that help flesh out the time-attack mode and give Lady Dimitrescu another chance to enchant us, the disappointingly short and inessential Shadows of Rose story campaign and somewhat awkward third-person option for the main game left me feeling unseasonably lukewarm on the Winters. Verdict posted on 11/03/22 by IGN. See full review at In this post, see more reviews and analysis.

What is Resident Evil Village | Winters' Expansion?

Adventure | Shooter

  • Third Person Mode: Play the main story from an entirely new perspective.

  • The Mercenaries Additional Orders: Three new characters join the fray, including the towering Lady Dimitrescu, who will now be playable for the first time.

  • Shadows of Rose: A new scenario starring a grown-up Rose, Ethan's beloved daughter, whose kidnapping as a baby kicked off the original Village story.

Customer Reviews

Amazon Customer Reviews

Resident Evil Village Winters' Expansion Amazon Review

Resident Evil Village | Winters' Expansion Reviews (7.5 of 10 Verdict)

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  • A New Perspective – See the eighth core entry in the Resident Evil series from a new vantage point in “Third Person Mode.” In addition to the intense first-person view players enjoyed in the initial release of Resident Evil Village, they can now watch Ethan in action and experience his journey from a new angle in Resident Evil Village Gold Edition and the Winters’ Expansion.

Resident Evil Village Gold ED Review 01/02/23 - PS5

One of the best resident evils and will be a free dlc for psvr2 if you buy the game before it releases. Also comes with all the extra dlc! Worth every penny!

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Gold Edition - PlayStation 4

  • The delayed Not a Hero DLC content will be available to download for free for owners of any version of Resident Evil 7 biohazard.

  • End of Zoe is a shocking instalment of the Resident Evil 7 biohazard saga where players discover what Zoe's fate will be. Players will face off against new enemies and explore new swamp filled areas

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Gold Edition - PS4

  • Taking place after the horrific events that befell Ethan Winters in Resident Evil 7 biohazard, Not a Hero brings a brand new experience playing as Chris to face new threats not met in the main game.

  • As a member of New Umbrella, Chris and team quickly set up a strategy to counter this latest threat. Will Chris once again solve the mystery of this latest outbreak?

  • Battery: no battery used

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Gold Edition Review 02/04/23 - PS4

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Mykal Isquierdo
Mykal Isquierdo
Feb 12, 2023

I havn't played this game yet, but looks like Rose is a Rock Star!


The Wealth Tool
The Wealth Tool
Nov 06, 2022

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