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Official Delay of Highly Anticipated PS5 Exclusive. Stellar Blade

Updated: Feb 17

PS5 Exclusive Stellar Blade release delayed.

Sony confirms that an upcoming PlayStation 5 exclusive action-adventure title, originally slated for release sometime in 2023, has been delayed.


  • Sony officially delays exclusive action-adventure game Stellar Blade, now set for release in 2024.

  • The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, and protagonist Eve fights to defeat Earth's invaders.

  • Stellar Blade will fully utilize PS5's graphics and DualSense controller's haptic feedback for immersive combat experiences.

Why was the release of Stellar Blade delayed?

Sony has officially postponed the release of its eagerly awaited PlayStation 5 exclusive action-adventure game, Stellar Blade. Initially revealed as Project Eve in 2019, the game was originally intended for release on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. However, during September 2022's State of Play, it was reintroduced as Stellar Blade, now designated as a PS5 exclusive, scheduled to be released sometime this year

Coinciding with the name alteration, the State of Play event featured a trailer for Stellar Blade, offering a preview of the game's narrative, visual style, and combat dynamics. The riveting footage captured the interest of numerous gamers, drawing comparisons to Nier Automata in terms of soundtrack and combat, though the accuracy of such parallels remains uncertain. As 2023 comes to an end, it is evident that Stellar Blade will not see a release until later this year. However, until now, there has been no official statement on the matter.

In a PlayStation.Blog post highlighting things to come for the platform in 2024, the PS5 exclusive Stellar Blade was officially delayed and given a new release window of 2024. Unfortunately, a more precise launch date is still unknown, and developer Shift Up has remained relatively quiet about the project in general.

Marking the debut console venture for Korean developer Shift Up, Stellar Blade represents a shift from the company's previous exclusive focus on mobile gaming, which included the titles Destiny Child and Project NIKKE: The Goddess of Victory. Kim Hung Tae, one of the company's co-founders and an accomplished artist, brings valuable experience from contributing to games in the Magna Carta series of RPGs and the MMO Blade & Soul.

Stellar Blade takes place in the near future and tells the story of Eve, a member of a paratrooper squad who is determined to take Earth back from the clutches of invaders called NA:tives. The post-apocalyptic, desolate world has been overrun by a variety of strange creatures, and Eve must defeat them as she quests to uncover some kind of secret, perhaps one that will help her defeat Earth’s conquerors.

The game will now make full use of the PS5, both in terms of graphics and the DualSense controller’s haptic feedback capabilities. The latter will be showcased particularly in the range of weapons that Eve uses, with the technology coming to the fore during combat. By parrying and evading while fighting, the Beta Gauge will slowly fill, allowing Eve to activate different abilities like piercing enemy armor or interrupting their combos. Likewise, successfully pulling off combos will fill the Burst Gauge, which is used to apply buffs or unleash powerful attacks.


In conclusion, Stellar Blade, the highly anticipated PlayStation 5 exclusive from Korean developer Shift Up, has experienced a significant delay, disappointing eager fans awaiting its release in 2024. Despite the setback, the game's captivating trailer showcased its promising narrative, impressive graphics, and dynamic combat. As the first console project for Shift Up, Stellar Blade marks a transition from the company's mobile gaming focus. With the renowned artist and co-founder Kim Hung Tae contributing his expertise, the game holds the potential to make a lasting impact once it finally hits the gaming scene, creating anticipation and curiosity among the gaming community.

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