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The rise of the SHIFT UP Corporation. 7 facts you didn't know

SHIFT UP Corporation, headquartered in Seoul, is a game developer and publisher from South Korea. Established in December 2013 by artist Kim Hung Tae, the company focuses on creating mobile titles tailored for the South Korean market. One of its notable successes is the mobile game Destiny Child.

Within its portfolio, Shift Up also possesses a subsidiary known as Shift Up Second EVE Studio. This subsidiary is dedicated to the development of high-quality console and PC AAA video games. The announcement of its inaugural project, Stellar Blade, took place in 2019. Notably, in 2021, Sony Interactive Entertainment acquired the marketing rights for the game, revealing plans to act as its publisher in 2022.

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What is the history behind Shift Up?

Founded on December 2, 2013, by KyungRip Min and artist Kim Hung Tae, Shift Up has roots deeply connected to the gaming industry. Kim, renowned for his design contributions to the Magna Carta game series and the Korean game Blade & Soul, co-established the studio. Shift Up's inaugural project, the 2016 mobile title Destiny Child, gained recognition and was initially published by Line Games. The game underwent a censored international release in 2018, but by June 2020, Shift Up secured the publishing rights with the aim of releasing an uncensored version.

In April 2019, Shift Up unveiled two significant projects. The first was a new mobile title with the codename Project NIKKE: The Goddess of Victory. The second, Project Eve, marked the studio's venture into AAA game development, slated for release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Project Eve spurred the creation of a dedicated team within Shift Up named Second EVE Studio, primarily composed of developers who collaborated with Kim on Blade & Soul.

By September 2021, Shift Up made a noteworthy announcement, revealing that Project Eve would extend its reach to the PlayStation 5, with global marketing handled by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Fast forward to September 2022, and Shift Up, in collaboration with Sony, reintroduced Project Eve as Stellar Blade. The game, now presented as a Sony-published PlayStation 5 exclusive, is scheduled for release in 2024.

In a significant development on December 16, 2022, reports surfaced that Tencent had acquired a 20% stake in Shift Up, consequently becoming the company's second-largest shareholder after Kim.

The Wrap Up

Shift Up stands as a dynamic force in the gaming industry, shaped by its inception in 2013 and propelled by visionary leaders KyungRip Min and artist Kim Hung Tae. Notably recognized for the success of Destiny Child, Shift Up expanded its horizons with Project Eve, a venture into AAA game development. The collaboration with Sony Interactive Entertainment further solidified its presence, culminating in the exclusive PlayStation 5 title Stellar Blade. With Tencent's strategic investment, Shift Up's future seems promising, marking a chapter of innovation, creativity, and global influence in the ever-evolving realm of gaming.

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