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Resident Evil 4: The Breathtaking Classic Continues

Updated: Jul 10

Join Special Agent Leon S. Kennedy and master Resident Evil 4. The ultimate Horror classic is back.

Resident Evil 4, the mission

Special Agent Leon S. Kennedy

Face to face with the most ungodly terror he could ever imagine. Relentlessly engaging at any cost to accomplish his mission and bring her home safe. After 6 years of roaming the disastrous Raccoon City, Agent Kennedy is recruited to what would later become his most deadly journey.

He fights to survive, using superior skills and years of combat training. His mission, to find, rescue and bring home the U.S. President's daughter Ashley Graham. However, he did not anticipate the prolific horror that would await him along his journey.

Resident Evil 4 Special Agent Leon Kennedy

Who kidnapped Ashley Graham?

A religious cult in rural Spain

The ultimate survival horror game, a classic battle between good and evil.

Why is Resident Evil 4 so hard? Is the entire game REALLY hard even on normal? I read just that beginning part at the farm where the first shotgun is and the chainsaw guy with the bag on his head is just one of the hardest parts. i plan on streaming this game it’s so cool but i was wondering if i’m gonna get stuck on stream!! (i played a little bit intentionally to see). this game seems so cool. Read more here


What are the enemies in Resident Evil 4?

Resident Evil 4 zoombie

What Virus is Resident Evil 4?

Las Plagas Parasite

The star “virus” of Resident Evil 4 was not a virus at all, but was instead an ancient parasitic arthropod known as the Plagas.

Every Resident Evil Virus, Parasite, and Disease Explained

Resident Evil may be mostly about shooting zombies, but there are a lot of different viruses and parasites behind the creation of those enemies. Read more here

Do you like shooting Zoombies?

Resident Evil 4 is full of Evil super-human Zoombie crazies! Definately enough "kill shoots" to go around. But becareful, they bite back and are extremely deadly.

Resident Evil 4 black and red logo

Survive on a Knife’s Edge

Leon will use his years of intense training with knives to even the odds. Extraordinary mastered skillsets will keep him alive.


Engage in frenzied combat with the Ganados villagers, explore a European village gripped by madness, and solve puzzles to access new areas and collect useful items for Leon and Ashley’s constant struggle to survive.

Resident Evil 4 review

5.0 out of 5 starsAn improvement…. IMO, in every way..

Over the original game. This is far from a one to one remake of the OG that everyone thought would be and this game is for the better. A more survival horror focused RE4. I mean this in all seriousness, Capcom has outdone themselves and defeated Mikami’s original version. This game Is harder, better and more horror focused and if you thought RE2 or 3 were a re imagining, this has outdone them in that area as well.

It top the OG 2 of 98? Not for me but this game is the essence of what RE4 should be and I am glad I can finally ignore the OG and play this new masterpiece.

Review posted on 03/05/23 by


Hard, but it's your classic Horror Survival Game! I gave it a solid B++++!

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