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1 Samurai out for blood, Like a Dragon: Ishin!

Updated: Feb 8

Like a Dragon: Ishin! A powerful action thriller featuring the art of death. An eye-popping tale of a Samurai who will stop at nothing for vengeance against the Shinsengumi.

Who is Sakamoto Ryoma


A low-ranking Samurai intent on making a name for himself as he navigates the shogunate reign. Ryoma's adoptive father is put in charge of a powerful revolutionary group and mercilessly killed. Ryoma dedicates his soul to destroying the Samurai era. With Shogunate in his sights, he joins the Shinsengumi, an elite force of Samurai warriors to seek and destroy his father's murderer.

What is Shinsengumi

Elite force of Samurai warriors

Japanese combat style including an assortment of weapons.

Like a Dragon: Ishin!

Brutal combative warriors with no fear or mercy. Extreme Sword play, elite training to survive at any cost. These fighters can literally take your heart out and take pleasure in watching it bleed.

They won't think twice about crashing your skull. They will honor you, but make not mistake about it, emotions play no part in the minds of trained murderers.

The Shinsengumi have mastered the art of death.

Sakamoto Ryoma holding his sword

What is my role in Like a Dragon: Ishin!

Pick up Sakamoto Ryoma's sword and avenge his father's killer

Walk the grounds of Kyoto looking for a ruthless killer. You are hunting the man who murdered Ryoma's father. All weapons are deadly, the Swordsman are all elite, the Gunman don't miss. You've lost all emotions, you become brutal and attack with bad intentions. You are obsessed with the mission.

Click here to enter Kyoto and take your chances as Sakamoto Ryoma. Play now on PS4, PS5 & Xbox Series X. The ultimate Action-Adventure where you engage in battles to the death. This one is more bloody than COD Black Ops or Battlefield 2024. Sakamoto Ryoma is the ultimate Samurai.

4 Samurai warriors at Kyoto

Like a Dragon: Ishin! Reviews

Like a Dragon: Ishin! Verdict

Posted on 03/07/23

For anyone who has ever even remotely enjoyed the recent Yakuza reboots such as Yakuza 0, kiwami, Like A Dragon, etc. then look no further for this is the game you will want to experience for yourself. Don't let the deep Japanese lore and look fool you, this is Yakuza through and through. Well, almost, ya see your playable character will no doubt be rocking that stern yet heart of gold demeanor we all come to know and love as Kazuma Kiryu, however that is in appearances alone. This guy who is a spitting image of his future ancestor, is actually a swordsman returning home who goes by the name Sakamoto Ryoma. This means he is a different person and will at times do things very very differently than what we may be used to seeing Kiryu do with his heart of gold. this is a very turbulent time for samurais in general and Ryoma comes to find that returning to his childhood home of Tosa, and witnessing someone who he is dearly devoted to murdered in cold blood in front of him that this country of his must undergo some serious changes if there is ever hope for a peaceful life for him or any of his kin. Ryoma quickly departs his childhood home tracking down an assassin who slaughters that special someone and he vows to not return until he has brought down this very skilled fighter who effortlessly dispatched both Ryoma and his sensei. Ryoma then begins his quest for vengeance but that is not all this tale has to offer. In the traditional Yakuza style, there are many sub stories to discover and many minigames and deep systems at play in terms of combat and skill trees. For me, this game mostly reminded me of Yakuza 0 and its combat system, except this time Ryoma can swap freely between Brawler fighting stance, to Gunman, Swordsman & Wild Dancer (which combines guns and swords and flashy evasive maneuvers and they each have very extensive upgrade paths. There are some deep systems at play here and it will take some understanding of these complex systems if you have any hope of prospering throughout the story. And of course, fan favorite faces from the Yakuza series will also feature their counterparts as well such as Majima who is known here as Okita and even Haruka who is known as Haruka...? In between going undercover to find the assassin who ruined your homecoming, you will also have a sprawling town of Kyoto to explore, fraught with many stories and citizens who can offer you major boons by finding and exploiting. The combat is fair but a little harsher than what some may be used to, but there are many many hours of fun to be had and this game is DEFINTELY worth your money. Enjoy this gripping and violent tale of life in Japan before they fully colonized. I applaud Sega and Ryu Ga Gotoku studio for giving western fans a chance to experience this amazing rendition for the first time and I recommend it to any and all who have ever enjoyed a Yakuza title!!

Posted on 03/02/23

I came late to the Yakuza series. Well, I missed Tokyo of modern day, this trip back to Japan of the 1860s is so far a great experience. I love the culture and for the most part the narrative, although some of the text, dialogue, and story can drag.

Some really fun mini games are also in there. Combat is a combat from earlier in the series and not the turn-based combat so be aware of that. However, there's lots of options within the combat skilled tree to allow you to have flexibility and style in your action.

Posted on 02/25/23

Just finished today and I must say this is a must have game for people who are into Yakuza games or people who just want something fascinating to play. The story kept me hooked, the only recommendation I’d make is going to the official website and looking over the character names before you play.

Posted on 02/26/23

This is a truly amazing remake with incredible graphical upgrades. As well as an awesome combat system that is super fun to play with.

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Like a Dragon: Ishin! emerges as a masterful addition to the beloved Yakuza series, transporting players to the tumultuous era of Japan's Meiji Restoration. With its rich historical backdrop, engaging narrative, and dynamic gameplay, Ishin! immerses players in a world of honor, betrayal, and redemption. As they navigate the bustling streets of Edo-period Kyoto and confront the challenges of samurai life, players experience a thrilling blend of action, drama, and exploration. Ishin! is not just a game; it's a captivating journey through Japanese history, offering players an unforgettable adventure that transcends time and leaves a lasting impression.

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