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6 Best Wii Games for 10 year olds and under to buy in 2024

Updated: Feb 6

Thousands of parents ask questions every day on google like, "Should I buy Video games for my kid" or "What age is appropriate for Video games". gameProXL staff has put together a list of some of our favorite Nintendo Wii games for kids. Encouraging Discipline has a great article every parent should read if you're still sitting on the fence about buying Video games for your 5 or 6 year old. Thanks for stopping by gameProXL. You are a valued reader. Ok, here are some of the best Wii Games that kids like to play.

Best Wii Games for 10 year olds

1. Carnival Games

Available Platforms: Nintendo Wii & Nintendo DS

Step right up! All the fun and excitement of your favorite Carnival Games is coming to Wii this summer. It’s the perfect multi-player game for moms, dads and kids of all ages. Are you ready to rack up the points in a game of classic Alley Ball? Got the muscle to ring the bell in Test of Strength? Been practicing your accuracy for the famed Milk Bottle Throw? Ready to get wet in the Dunk Tank? If yes, then join the action as your Wii remote transforms from a sledgehammer to a frog flinger. Master all the classic carnival games and the ultimate prize could be yours – the virtual goldfish in a bag!

Carnival Games Review

Review posted on 01/02/10 by

Okay, you have to be a County Fair, Midway, sidestreet Carnival fan of games of chance to love this game!! It is EXACTLY like playing a game at the Fair, or even the midway section of your favorite amusement parks.

Bowling, shootin ducks, shootin stars, horse race, basketball toss, ring toss, coin on the plate toss, frog jumper, football toss, hole-in-one, etc.

They've even added in a few extra games that you have to "trade" up in prizes to unlock. Competition can be head to head which allows you to go to any game you want and play as long as you want against your opponent, or it can be straight up competition in which you play five random games against your opponent and you have to beat them on points earned for each game you win. I like it!! The kids and I have had soooooooooooooo much fun since we opened this up, everybody wants a piece of the action. Adding in the skill needed on the Wii Controllers just adds to the laughs!

Okay, now the bad parts: the game is kind of racial... can only create white faces here. And, in competition mode, you cannot earn prizes or unlock games unless someone has played alone, won the prizes, and traded up to unlock it already.

Other than those drawbacks, the game is a whoot! Who needs the rush of a county fair now? Not when I can play all my favorites at home!

Kids at Carnival

2. Just Dance: Disney Party

Available Platforms: Nintendo Wii & Xbox 360

Just Dance and Disney are working in collaboration to create the greatest dance game for the whole family - Just Dance: Disney Party on Wii. Dance like a star to 25 songs from classic Disney movies and Disney Channel's hottest shows. With an amazing selection of family favorite songs, fun dances, and kid-friendly gameplay, children of all ages can dance along with family and friends!

Just Dance: Disney Party review

Review posted on 12/13/15 by

I normally do not review games, but I will make an exception for this one. Our family loves the just dance series. It is a game that truly gets you active and is quite a bit of fun to watch the aunts and uncles show off for each other. However, if you are looking for a version to truly play as a family, this is the right one for you.


No Unlocking Songs-Just Dance Disney has quite a few songs from Disney movies and Disney channel tv shows and movies, and unlike some of the other versions, there is no need to play the game to "Unlock" your favorite songs. All songs are available to play the first time you pop it in.

Easy enough for small kids- My 3 year old always wants to play, but other versions of Just Dance have some complicated moves that she just cant master. Disney was smart enough to make the moves very simple, but still fun. She was right on track with "Under the Sea" and "Supercalifragallistic" (Indubitably).

Songs adults will know- As about half of the songs are from Disney Cartoon movies, we all grew up with the songs, and while you may not want to admit it, everyone can sing along to songs like Under the Sea.

Parental features- This game allows you to set a random play for a set length of time. It is one of my favorite features because its always an argument of who gets to pick the next song when you have 4 kids all playing. This feature prevents the fights. You can also track things like how long the game is played, so you can tell how active your child is.


Song Selection- This is about 50% songs from movies and 50% songs for Disney Channel tv shows. I would prefer just movie songs, but my nieces and nephews love the show songs as well. I also felt like there should be some songs that were left out, but I expect that was intentional so Disney could do a second or third addition.


If you like Just Dance and you like Disney, this is golden. If you are not a disney fan, it may not be right for you. But for me, it might have been the best family gift this christmas.

Just dance video nintendo

3. Wipeout 3

Available Platforms: Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii U & Xbox

Welcome Back To Wipeout! Where things are wetter, wilder and wackier than ever! Wipeout 3 boasts all-new features and effects that catapult players into the most intense, body-contorting action yet! Fans will recognize their favorite obstacles like the Sweeper Arms and the Big Balls, but will be blown away by 12 fresh winter and summer course themes with dozens of obstacles allowing for non-stop fun. Players will be running through wild, over-the-top challenges created exclusively for Wipeout 3, experienced through a fun over-the-shoulder perspective, and with a hilarious “Instant Replay” function that will have families and friends in stitches as they watch and relive their worst wipeouts over and over again.

Wipeout 3 Review

Review posted on 11/28/12 by

I bought Wipeout 3 for Wii for my 5-year old. He loves the show, and now he can play it (almost) any time. Game play is good, though it's a little to easy if you simply race through the course jumping before every obstacle or challenge. On the down side, the single player mode isn't a challenge to win. I don't think my son or I have ever failed to win. On the other hand, for a little kid, that keeps him interested. The two player mode was fun, but after about 3 or 4 games, it's suddenly locked and we can only play single player. I can't find how to unlock it, so for the time being, we are relegated to playing the easy single player mode.

The characters are fun, and it's easy to unlock new characters and earn money to buy accessories like helmets, gloves, or shoes. The characters each have funny sayings, and the announcers have quirky puns throughout, just like on the TV show. You can even choose to play as hosts John Anderson or John Henson. The wipeouts are, of course, the best part, and you can watch replays over and over and over.

PROs: easy game play, fun wipeouts, lots of characters and gear.

CONs: maybe a little too easy, Multi-player mode locked after the first few games

Considering how many times we have played it, I'd guess it has worked out to about 30-cents per game, and I don't see any chance of letting up any time soon. Worth the purchase price.

Girl running on Wipe out 3

4. Just Dance Kids

Available Platforms: Nintendo Wii

Just Dance, the #1 Selling Music/Rhythm Game on the Nintendo Wii, is now FOR KIDS! With a HUGE selection of their favorite songs, crazy dances, and all-new kid-friendly gameplay, children of all ages can Just Dance along with the rest of the family!

Just Dance Kids Review

Review posted on 02/12/11 by

This past Christmas was the first time my 5 yr old daughter and I experienced playing with a Wii, we played on our inlaws "Just Dance 2" game...and I loved it. My daughter really really tired but she wasn't familiar with any of the songs and the moves were too advanced for her. When my husband bought us our own Wii last month I found this game on here while I was looking to purchase the other Just Dance game. Great price! CAnnot find this price in stores thats for sure.

We gave it to her tonight as an early Valentine's DAy gift and she LOVES it. Our 2 1/2 year old really likes it to...she keeps putting down the wiimote though and doing the dances...b/c the wiimote is just getting in her way! haha... but my 5 yr old loves the song selection and the moves are a bit easier, but not babyish. I don't see a 10 yr old really enjoying this game, but I would say its great for families with younger kids and even I enjoyed doing the dances along with them.

True what others say...the well know young children songs from the Wiggles and Yo Gabba Gabba do not follow along to the well known routines, but obviously this is due to a copy right issue, or something. I was amazed how fun it was dancing to baby songs like "i've been working on the railroad" i really thought it would be corny and dumb, but I had a lot of fun myself.

Probably the biggest drawback for me was the kids singing the songs instead of the real singers, but you get used to it after awhile and it is not obnoxious in my opinion.

I would definatly recommend this for kindergarten and a few years after and the parents of these kids...older kids and teens would prob prefer the reg. just dance I would think. Definatly alot of fun and a great starter game; you are able to use up to 4 remotes at once (i think we only have 3) and all do the same dance at the same time and it will compare your scores. Great for family fun nights!

Girls dancing on just dance kid game

5. Just Dance Kids 2

Available Platforms: Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360

Featuring songs from kids' highest-rated TV shows including Yo Gabba Gabba and The Wiggles. Also featuring covers of today's hottest hits like "Burnin' Up," "Positivity," "Intuition" and the worldwide YouTube hit "I Am A Gummy Bear (The Gummy Bear Song)".

Kids will recognize songs like "Accidentally In Love," "Something That I Want" and "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" from their favorite movies. Plus more re-mastered popular nursery rhymes for the youngest at home

Just Dance Kids 2 Review

Review posted on 01/04/12 by

My 5 year old LOVES to dance and needs to exercise a little bit more (especially in these cold northeastern winters) and this is a great way to incorporate the two. The dances are easy to follow, the sensor in the controller is very good, and the points are pretty easy to achieve. There are several variations to each game (you can just do the dance, do a freeze and shake version, or do the super fun balloon pop version). There are I believe around 30 songs on it, at a variety of different tempos and ranges of motion. I didn't rate the game a perfect 5 because, 1) I wish there were more contemporary songs-I understand it's for kids, but given that the game is a new release, I would have expected a few more radio airplay songs.

2)When you go into non stop shuffle for some reason, the game decides to implement an any language goes policy, which could be interesting from an educational aspect, but seems to distract my child when trying to do the hokey pokey in french....she can't quite figure out what to put in and out when

That being said, the game is really fun, provides excellent motivation for my child to move (and i've done it with her and it kicks my butt!). Great family fun!

just dance kids 2

6. SpongeBob SquarePants: The Creature from the Krusty Krab

Available Platforms: Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, Game Boy Advance & GameCube

SpongeBob SquarePants: Creature from the Krusty Krab brings the hit kids' show to your Nintendo Wii! See Bikini Bottom through completely different eyes -- introducing never-before-seen art styles and brand new gameplay mechanics that will change your perception of Bikini Bottom forever! Jump into the bizarre and unusual with Spongebob and his friends.

SpongeBob SquarePants: The Creature from the Krusty Krab Review

Review posted on 11/07/07 by

I figured this game would be pretty stupid, but it was surpisingly fun and funny. The voices are not the best match for Spongebob and some of the graphics are just stupid, but really overall I think it is a pretty good game. All my family from me to my 3 kids ages 6, 8, and 10 were able to play it fine. The play time is farely long, which is good, and the controls are ok. The monsters are a bit repetative with few variations on each level, but the comentary is good.

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