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6 Perfectly designed Nintendo Switch Controllers

Updated: Apr 14

Finally, Switch controllers with endless features and functionality. Discover Mouse Touch feeling and Turbo function. Get the most from your Switch Gaming experience with these amazing controllers.

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What are these Switch Controllers compatible with?

Nintendo Switch Console/IOS/Android/PC

What are some programmable functions?

Single programming or multi-programming

Colorful LED with Control button

The switch remote joystick has 9 colors of light that can be adjusted via the LED light control button of the switch pro controller, You can switch the color according to different games to immerse yourself deeply in the world of the game.

Vibrate & Turbo Function

The controller for nintendo switch has dual vibration motors with 4-level precise vibration: none, weak, medium and strong

What is the Battery Capacity?

To meet players’ gaming time needs, we've increased the switch controller’s battery capacity to 1000 mah just to provide a long time of fun.

What about Paring and Lag?

Enter the switch console connection interface, then just hold the pro controller SYNC button to connect till the signal lights flash to finish the first connection, next time just press “HOME” to wake up your console and RE-SYNC. After pairing the devices you’re ready to go and play games whatever you wish with your Switch Controller. the Switch has blue tooth inside which actually makes wireless mode with the pro controller one of, if not the fastest methods to play.

Elisween Switch Controller

2023 Customer Review

Elisween Switch Controller

Review posted on 01/07/23 by

Works perfect for our kids to play their Switch. They love the color change and solid color options. Lasted through Christmas break so far and no concerns it won't last much longer. No connection issues or lags with play.

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Wrap Up

These are the most multi-functional Nintendo Switch Controllers I've seen.


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