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7 Creepiest Minecraft Mob Heads talked about in 2024

Updated: Feb 8

Minecraft Mob Heads are a bit mysteriously weird to say the least. These collective spooky block builders are unique. But unlike other decorative blocks, some of the mob heads even make movements when connected to a powered Redstone component. These movements are similar to the mob they belong to. Go here to take a look at more Minecraft 1.20 updates.

Minecraft 1.20 Note Blocks and Mob Heads Update

How to get Creeper Heads in Minecraft

Learn Everything About Player Heads, Mob Heads, Custom Heads Note Blocks and More in Minecraft 1.20 with this Minecraft Mob Heads Guide Including How To Get Creeper Heads in Minecraft, How to Get Charged Creepers in Minecraft, How to Get Piglin Heads in Minecraft and Everything About Minecraft 1.20 Update Piglin Heads and Player Heads with info on New Minecraft 1.20 Note Block Mob Head Sounds and How to use them!

What is a Minecraft Mob Head

Helmet-like replicas of the heads of various Minecraft mobs

  • They can be placed like decorative items on other blocks. But unlike other decorative blocks, some of the mob heads even make movements when connected to a powered Redstone component.

What are the Newest Minecraft Mob Head Update

Mojang expanded

  • Some hostile mobs can leave behind their severed heads once you defeat them. Now, we have more uses for these blocks, like making music! Mojang has also expanded the selection of collectible heads: Along with the Ender Dragon, Creepers, Zombies, Skeletons and Wither Skeletons, Piglins will also drop their heads for you to use.

  • Creepy as it may be, these blocks are more the just battle trophies-they have a wide rang of uses, interactions and even receipes. You can wear them as helmets, too. They don't offer a lot of protection, but it makes you invisible to the mob you're disuised as, so you'll blend right in!

What are the creepiest Minecraft Mob Heads

1. Creeper Head

Creeper Head is a green, white and black head. This Mob Head is so oddly strange.

Green MInecraft Creeper Mob Head

2. Ender Dragon Head

Ender Dragon Head is a mostly black head with deep eyes that look into your soul.

minecraft Ender Dragon Mob Head

3. Piglin Head

The Piglin Head is a pinkish orange and yellow head with white eyes.

minecraft Piglin mob Head

Minecraft 1.20—everything we know about the next major Minecraft update

Minecrfaft 1.20 update review on

Minecraft 1.20 is "Trails and Tales," and it's all about storytelling and creativity. As expected, Minecraft 1.20 is the latest major Minecraft update, and it's almost here. In addition to all the new features—including the mob vote winner, a new biome, brand new blocks, archaeology, and more—it's finally got a name all its own. Minecraft 1.20 is "Trails and Tales" and it's focused on "storytelling and world building" according to Mojang in their name reveal video. While we know all the features coming with it, we've still not got a release date to hang our hats on. Go to

Minecraft 1.20: Everything you need to know about the Trails & Tales update

Minecrfaft 1.20 update review on

Minecraft 1.20 update is drawing closer, so we'll tell you everything that's new in the Trails & Tales update. Minecraft is always moving forwards toward new horizons, with each major update adding a whole host of new features and mechanics to the game. Minecraft 1.20, known as the Trails & Tales update, is no different. It’s bringing new mobs, new biomes, new building blocks, and a whole new archeology system to the game – and that may not even be the full final list of features. Go to

4. Skeleton Head

The Skeleton Mob Head is a white & grey head. You'll love the beedy square black eyes.

minecraft grey and white Skeleton mob Head

5. Wither Skeleton Head

This mostly black & head might be the least scary looking but still bizare by standards.

minecraft black and grey Wither Skeleton mob Head

6. Zombie Head

Zombie Head is green with black eyes.

minecraft Green Zombie Mob Head

7. Steve's Head

Steve's Noggin

In Creative Mode, you can find Steve's head as a building block in your inventory. As far as we know, their are no plans to bring this feature into the rest of the game. After all, seeing your own head fall off when you're killed might be a bit too much.

Minecraft steve mob head

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