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The truth revealed; Minecraft Dungeons' third seasonal adventure

Updated: Sep 29

Minecraft Dungeons' third seasonal adventure, Fauna Faire, finally introduced multiplayer options to the Tower! With more players joining the fun each week, the team is stepping up their game-we'll see new and improved presets, new bosses and biomes, and a much faster rotation, with fresh layouts every single week. This is a major upgrade that will keep us coming back for new loot and exciting challenges whenever we get the chance.

Minecraft Dungeons Ultimate Edition (Nintendo Switch) (European Version)

Minecraft Dungeons Ultimate Edition - Nintendo Switch

Minecraft Dungeons (Nintendo Switch)

Minecraft Dungeons Ultimate Edition – Xbox Series X & Xbox One

Minecraft Dungeons Hero Edition – Xbox Series X & Xbox One

Minecraft Dungeons Ultimate Edition (PS4)

Minecraft Dungeons: Ultimate Edition – Windows 10 [Digital Code]

What is Minecraft Dungeons' 3rd Season

Pets & Mobs

This new season is all about the pets and mobs. There are way more pet species to collect than ever before, and every tier unlocks something animal-related.

Minecraft Dungeons 3rd season Fauna Faire

What can I expect to see in Minecraft Dungeon's 3rd Season

New Biomes and Bosses

  • With new biomes come new challeges, but some might be familiar. The update brings back popular bosses we've seen in previous DLC missions.

  • With all the work put into Dungeons DLC, the addition of previously seen bosses is a way of sharing the wealth with the entire community.

  • There are also new bosses to defeat. Along with the new characters come more complex scenarios and uncharted terrain to navigate.

What is Treetop Tangle

A Bonus Level

  1. Treetop is a bonus free level that you can find hidden in the Jungle Awakens DLC (located by the Island Realms on the map). The area is huge, one of the biggest in the entire game, and there's some awesome new gear waiting for you within... if you know where to look!

  2. The number of mobs here is overwhelming, and they tend to attack in big groups, all at once. Use pets and summonable mobs like Bees to help divert their attention. There are a range of difficulty levels to choose.... which means players of all skill levels can give it a try.

  3. This map is a giant tree that you need to climb. Watch your step... there are traps everywhere.

  4. You can expected to see mobs similar to those found in the Jungle DLC, but other creatures can pop up as well-even Endermen.

  5. Always keep your map open while navigating the dungeon. Most of the time, the glowing arrow isn't enough.

Minecraft Dungeons' 3rd Seasonal Adventure

Free The Enchantsmith

To access the Enchantsmith at the Camp, players will first need to unlock him. This character is trapped inside a mission level, indicated on the map with a sales stand icon. As you go through the level, you'll find him locked in a cage just like any villager, but a message will pop up as soon as you free him. Return to camp, and you'll immediately see his enchantment stand set up and ready to do business.


Once freed from his cage, the Enchantsmith can be found near the other merchants at camp. You'll see his location marked on-screen until you interact with him.


On the map, locate the Enchantsmith's level by finding a vendor stand icon. Rescue him and get on his good side-it will certainly pay off!


Players can change enchantments on the weapons they're holding, as well as those stored in the main chest. The Enchantsmith is your one-stop shop for everything you need.

Minecraft Dungeons Fauna Faire

Minecraft Dungeons Helpful Tips

Previous Seasons

As promised by the development team, all previous Seasons are still accessible, giving everyone enough time to unlock all rewards.


Following the model used throughout the game industry, there are two rewards tracks: one free and one paid. Buy the Season pass to unlock everything.

Fauna Faire

This Season is all about animals! Along with the expanded catalogue of pets, there are tons of cosmetic items you can unlock.

Minecraft Dungeons Season 3 Rewards

Tiers 1-5 (Note: There are over 50)






1500 Emerald




Baby Piebald Pig




10 Gold




Pig Onesle












Claw Marks




Pig Splat




Brown Tabby



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