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3 Minecraft 1.20 Amazing New Updates

Updated: May 29, 2023

Minecraft 1.20, known as the massive and mysterious update promising to be more game-changing than anything that came before it. This in itself is huge, as last year's wild update gave us frogs, mud blocks, ancient cities and a nearly unkillable mob known as the Warden.

What is Minecraft 1.20

A New Minecraft Update

Use Your Brains

Heads will roll! There's a surprise in store for you when you encounter certain hostile mobs. If killed, they'll leave behind their head, which you can pick up and use for all sorts of bizarre new purposes.... even making music. Pretty amazing stuff, I'd say!

What could be better than that? Mojang has yet to name this update, leaving the community to speculate. Though it's still a work in progress, the features we're seeing so far look incredible-by the look of the new camels, some have predicted a full-on desert revamp!

The development process has been totally different than what we're used to, presenting us with all sorts of random features to try out, and letting the community give feedback on how to go forward. It's awsome to feel so involved in the future of Minecraft! What's more feature are coming much quicker than expected. Let's take a peek at what's in store!

What are the Minecraft 1.20 Collectible Heads

  • Ender Dragon

  • Creepers

  • Zombies

  • Skeletons

  • Wither Skeletons

  • Piglins

Minecraft 1.20 New Update #1

Slices of Life

Some hostile mobs can leave behind their severed heads once you defeat them. Now, we have more uses for these blocks, like making music! Mojang has also expanded the selection of collectible heads: along with the Ender Dragon, Creepers, Zombies, Skeletons and Wither Skeletons. Piglins will also drop their heads for you to use.

Creepy as it may sound, these blocks are more than just battle trophies-they have a wide rang of uses, interactions and even recipes. You can wear them as helmets too. They don't offer a lot of protection, but it makes you invisible to the mob you're disguised as, so you'll blend right in!

Piglins Minecraft 1.20 mob head

Minecraft 1.20 New Update #2

Steve's Noggin

In creative Mode, you can find Steve's head as a building block in your inventory. As far as we know, there are no plans to bring this feature into the rest of the game. After all, seeing your own head fall off when you're killed might be a bit too much!

Steve's head minecraft 1.20 update

Minecraft 1.20 New Update #3

Scary Sounds

Mob heads have an unexpected use in the new update: By placing one head on top of a Note Block, you'll be able to play ambient sound effects related to that mob. You can hear the sounds when the Note Block is activated, either manually (by interacting with the Block) or automatically (by powering it with Redstone).

You can also display heads on their own as trophies. Some can even be animated with Redstone directly-the Ender Dragon, for example, will open and close its mouth, and Piglins can wiggle their ears.

Brown Note Block minecraft 1.20 update

How to use Mob Heads

Picking Up Mob Heads

  1. Most mobs have a 2.5% chance of dropping their head when you kill them in battle. You can up your chances to 8.5% by using the Looting Enchantment on your sword.

  2. To create a spooky soundscrape, all you have to do is place your chosen mob head on a Note Block. Activate the block to hear the chilling noises.

How to create Note Blocks

8 Planks of any kind of wood

Redstone Dust

To create this music box, which has become an essential tool since the release of the Allay, you just need 8 planks of any kind of wood and some Redstone Dust. Since the Wild update released last summer, Note Blocks can also naturally generate in the Ancient Cities of the Deep Dark Biome, the home of the terrifying Warden. If you make it down there, you might as well bring some Note Blocks back to make the dangerous trip worthwhile.

Noise Selection

The noises produced by a Note Block mimic real-life instruments. You can change which sound is played by placing different materials above or below the block.

Instrument Examples

If you use Stone, Concrete or Obsidian as the base for your Note Block, you'll hear a thumping bass drum. Honeycomb or Clay will produce a flute sound.

Music Discs

There are 15 different music discs to collect around the world of Minecraft, and they can be used to play tunes on a Jukebox. You can find these unique items by exploring and opening chests. Sometimes Creepers will drop Discs when killed by other mobs.

Which Disc can only be crafted from fragments?

Disc 5

How to listen to Music Discs you collect

Craft a Jukebox

This is the only way to listen to the Music Discs you collect. You can create a Jukebox using eight planks of any kind of wood and one diamond in the center. Just use a Disc on the Jukebox to insert, then click again to press play. The music will play through once before the disc is ejected, but you can repeat the action and listen to your favorite songs as many times as you like.

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Minecraft 1.20 new update characters and mob heads

Wrap Up

Minecraft 1.20 update

The current massive content drop that still has yet to be named. In the spirit of player involvement, the community has been a part of the development process, which is great, and almost all of the new features have been announced: We know we'll be getting some cool building materials, from hanging signs to bamboo blocks; Adorable mobs like the Camel and Sniffer; and new functionality for mob heads and Note Blocks! With exciting Batman, Burberry and Avatar Mashups plus fun free maps (a trip to Italy, anyone?). This seems to be a true season of change and we can't wait to drive in.

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