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13 Reasons this Gaming mouse can instantly improve your stats

Updated: Feb 7

gameProXL has 13 reasons Gamers every where are rushing out to buy this Wireless Gaming mouse.

Durable and Noiseless Clicking: The wireless mouse passes over 5000000 keystroke clicks test, ensure a long time and precise operation. Both left and right buttons are adopted with noiseless design, quiet clicks free your worry about bothering others and keep you stay focused on gaming and working.

Most purchased Gaming mouse 2023

VersionTech Wireless Gaming mouse

What is a reliable Wireless Gaming Mouse?

VersionTECH Wireless Gaming Mouse

  • Rechargeable Wireless Mouse: Built-in rechargeable battery and charging cable, no need to change batteries. In addition, the mouse equipped with advanced smart power-saving technology, the mouse will auto-enter sleep mode after 8 minutes of no-operation. Note: the mouse cursor will move slowly, unstable or stop moving at low battery.

  • RGB7-Color Breathing Light: Unique lightning crackle design combining with 7 colors breathing LED light,multiple colors change automatically, highlights the atmosphere of gaming especially at night. Please note that Light mode will speed up the battery consumption, turn off the light while you don't use the mouse.

  • 3 Level DPI for Games & Work: Just click the DPI button to switch the mouse moving speed, 800-1200-1600 three level DPI meet the needs of works and most of games. In addition, 6 buttons include left, right, forward, backward, DPI and scroll wheel help your works more efficient.

  • Stable 2.4G Wireless Connection: The developed 2.4G wireless connection technology ensures smooth and no delay signal transmit within 10m/33ft, well compatible with Laptop Desktop Computer Chromebook and the system of Windows 10,8,7,Vista, Mac OS/Linus and other systems.

VersionTeach Gaming mouse and baby sleeping

VersionTech Wireless Gaming mouse reviews

2023 VersionTech Reviews

Review posted on 02/15/23 by

This mouse was exactly as described. It is lightweight, lights up nicely, does not require use of batteries, and is super sleek, fast, and smooth. I purchased this for my son and he absolutely loves it. It isn't too large and is portable which is a plus for him. I used it to sign a document I needed to digitally sign and it was sooo smooth it just glided across the desk and the signature was perfect. I know that isn't the use but thought it would give insight (if you've ever signed something digitally you know how much of a pain it can be). This mouse is amazing. I will be getting one for myself!

Review posted on 02/04/23 by

This mouse works just like my old $30 pair. I have used it for gaming and it works perfect! I do love that the mouse lights up and changes color! I have recommended this mouse to other people lol. Also my mouse battery can last for days. Oh and sleep mode is awesome cause I forget to turn it off sometimes lol

Review posted on 02/02/23 by

My two-day review. I bought this mouse for the silent click, which it delivers. Super silent and has a more "shallow" click than my old mouse, which feels faster for gaming. The RGB lights look awesome and I like that there is a button to turn the lights off to save battery.

My issue is the feel/shape of the mouse. I'd say I have average size hands for an adult male and this mouse feels big and awkward. The spot for your thumb is too shallow to grip well, while the right side feels too deep and positioned too low for your fingers to sit comfortably. My ring finger sits on the top "edge" of the mouse rather than the side. Almost feels like its made for the left hand. This along with the slick brand new plastic, makes it hard to grip. I am constantly regripping and repositioning. The two buttons on the thumb side feel too "tall", meaning they have to be pressed in quite a bit for the click to register. I don't really use those buttons though so no issue for me.

Review posted on 02/19/23 by

Bought this for my son he says it works really well no problems with the buttons and responsive.

Review posted on 01/16/23 by

I'm not a gamer I just like mouses and keyboards with lights bc they're pretty. I bought this mouse 4 my work laptop. The battery is insanely incredible I forget to charge it for weeks and then only charge it bc I'm like well I haven't done that in a while. It's never died before. The buttons are effortless to push. I do wish the lights were a bit brighter though. I love it.

Review posted on 01/26/23 by

The mouse works good for gaming and everyday task. The sleep mode kicks in quick which is great, only flaw is the charging port is in a weird spot.

Review posted on 09/17/22 by

Lived the mouse but I took it off charger one day and the charging price came out too talked to the company and they resent it great service I thought I would just have to buy a new one and was going to tomorrow at the mall but they r replacing it for me great company for sure

Review posted on 09/24/22 by

Super smooth and feels good to use on a daily basis. Recommend!!!

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If you're a PC Gamer, your Gaming mouse could be the difference between victory and defeat. So choose wisely!

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The Wealth Tool
The Wealth Tool
Nov 29, 2022

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