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1 Unbelievable 2024 SENZER SG500 Gaming Headset

Updated: Feb 5

Features flexible headphones with telescopic arms and detachable ear pads. The headphones fold inside the arm, making them perfect for easy storage and travelling and the ear pads are magnetic, allowing them to be conveniently attached and removed, making them easier to clean and maintain compared with other headphones.

Pink surround sound gaming headset

What is the #1 Headset Gamer Girls use the most?

SENZER SG500 Gaming Headset

In-depth Consumer Reviews 2023

Review posted on 02/06/23 by

Love these headphones. Some of the best I've ever had. I had a black pair and they were wonderful and extremely comfortable. Tripped on the cord recently and bent the plug so I had to get a new pair. Decided to go with the pinks this time. They have a volume control on the cord. My favorite part is that the ear pieces are just really, really comfortable. The pink is a bit brighter and more of a true pink than my photo shows, but the actual headphones are a slightly different shade of pink than they show on Amazon, at least on my monitor.

Review posted on 02/09/23 by

These headphones are a great budget-friendly option. They're comfortable to wear and the sound quality is good, especially considering the low price. They do feel like decent quality, not cheap or flimsy.

Review posted on 01/30/23 by

This headset is great quality! Material seems durable, and I really like the color! I like how you can adjust the volume & mute the mic directly from them. They’re really comfortable.

Review posted on 01/09/23 by

So happy with these headphones! They’re very comfy, and easy to adjust. The sound quality is great. The ear pads are removable which is really nice as well. They’re also foldable which makes them easy to put away and keep your setup clean. The noise cancellation is also really impressive! Definitely recommend these if you’re looking for some multi platform headphones.

Review posted on 01/16/23 by

I was a little unsure about it because the price was low but I was pretty impressed by it when it showed up! It folds up for easy travel, is super soft and comfy, and sounds amazing! Would recommend!

Review posted on 01/16/23 by

Sounds good but my favorite thing of all is all the coverage it has! I can plug it into my PC, switch, or ps4 and it will work the same. Awesome heapdhones!

Review posted on 01/24/23 by

I love the feel and amazing sound and the headset feels well built and good quality

Review posted on 01/06/23 by

Headphones have good sound quality, great for the price! They are a true shade of pink- not too peachy- and the color is stunning! Uses a headphone jack vs a USB, so keep this in mind for devices.

Pink Gaming Headset for Gamer Girls

Comfortable for kids and adults alike, the detachable memory foam ear cushions are extremely lightweight, allowing for up to 8 hours usage without excess pressure build up, meaning you won't feel any discomfort even after many hours of gaming. The overall weight is only 0.66lb; approximately 40% lighter than standard gaming headsets.

The bendable microphone arm can be fixed to any position to ensure the clearest voice pick-up, and filters out surrounding environmental noise and eliminates static. The Senzer SG500 noise canceling headset with microphone provides real-time in game chat without delay, making it easier to communicate with team-mates, friends and family without unnecessary interruptions.

Proven to enhance your gaming performance, this surround sound gaming headset gives you crystal clear audio and provides you a truly immersive video game experience. Pick up the direction of gunfire, vehicles and voices more clearly, as well as enjoying a more enhanced audio experience as subtle sounds like footsteps, wind and rain are projected with more clarity and precision.

Works with most modern devices which include a 3.5mm jack like PlayStation 4, Xbox One (Older version requires adaptor), Apple Mac, Laptop, PC & Mobile. No drivers or downloads required, simply Plug & Play, making it the ideal headset for travelling or as a gift, safe in the knowledge it will fit a multitude of devices.

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Mykal Isquierdo
Mykal Isquierdo
Apr 27, 2023

These are absolutely wonderful and durable too. I love mine.


Nov 27, 2022

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Nov 27, 2022

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