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Experience the first ever open world Star Wars game - Star Wars Outlaws

Updated: Feb 9



Embark on an unprecedented adventure within the Star Wars™ universe with the inaugural open-world game, positioned between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. Traverse diverse planets scattered across the galaxy, ranging from the familiar to the uncharted. Assume the persona of Kay Vess, a daring rogue yearning for liberty and a fresh beginning, accompanied by her steadfast companion, Nix. Engage in battles, thievery, and cunning maneuvers as you navigate through the underworld's crime networks, becoming a part of the galaxy's most sought-after outlaws.

If you’re willing to take the risk, the galaxy is full of opportunity.


Embark on a journey across vivid planets teeming with lively cities and bustling cantinas, followed by exhilarating speeder races through expansive outdoor landscapes. Every planet promises fresh adventures, distinct trials, and alluring rewards for those bold enough to embrace the thrill and take on the challenges they present.

Star Wars Outlaws


Embrace the daring existence of an outlaw living life on the edge. Partnered with Nix, seize control of every circumstance: engage in combat using your blaster, outmaneuver through stealth and cutting-edge gadgets, or tactfully divert attention to manipulate situations in your favor.

Star Wars Outlaws


Engage in daring missions of immense risk and reward offered by the galaxy's underworld organizations. Seize valuable assets, penetrate clandestine strongholds, and outsmart adversaries while existing as one of the galaxy's most hunted individuals. Your decisions mold an ever-evolving reputation, shaping the consequences that follow.

Star Wars Outlaws


Commandeer your vessel, The Trailblazer, maneuvering through adrenaline-pumping aerial battles against The Empire and various adversaries. Seize strategic moments to pursue, dodge, and strike, capitalizing on opportunities that grant you the advantage in combat.


Star Wars Outlaws, the first-ever open-world Star Wars™ game, is coming to Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and PC in 2024. With development led by Ubisoft’s Massive Entertainment in collaboration with Lucasfilm Games, Star Wars Outlaws invites you to play as cunning scoundrel Kay Vess (Humberly González), who – along with her loyal companion Nix (Dee Bradley Baker) – must pull off one of the greatest heists the Outer Rim has ever seen.

Set between the events of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back™ and Star Wars: Return of the Jedi™, Star Wars Outlaws takes place in a time when the Galactic Empire relentlessly pursues the final defeat of the Rebel Alliance, and the criminal underworld is thriving. Kay will take on high-risk, high-reward missions from the galaxy’s crime syndicates as she seeks the means to start a new life.

A first look at Star Wars Outlaws gameplay will be shown at Ubisoft Forward Live on Monday, June 12. The event begins at 10:00AM PT / 1:00PM ET and can be watched on Ubisoft’s Twitch channel.

Star Wars Outlaws is launching on Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and PC in 2024. For more on Star Wars Outlaws, visit

Does Star Wars Outlaws have a release date?

Star Wars Outlaws is yet to receive a specific release date, but Ubisoft and Massive have stated that they are targeting a release of "2024".

What system is Star Wars Outlaws on?

Is Star Wars Outlaws a MMO?


Star Wars Outlaws promises an exhilarating foray into the underworld of the galaxy far, far away. Set between the pivotal events of "The Empire Strikes Back" and "Return of the Jedi," this open-world adventure offers a fresh perspective within the Star Wars universe. Players will assume the role of Kay Vess, an audacious scoundrel seeking freedom alongside her loyal companion, Nix.

The game's immersive narrative unveils a world ripe with risk and reward, where every decision shapes the path ahead. With diverse planets to explore, bustling cities to navigate, and clandestine missions to undertake, the player's journey promises an abundance of challenges and opportunities. From engaging in high-stakes missions for crime syndicates to mastering dogfights against formidable foes, the gameplay teems with excitement and strategic possibilities.

As players pilot their ship, The Trailblazer, through thrilling aerial confrontations, the game amplifies the thrill of combat by allowing tactical maneuvers and skillful strategies to outwit adversaries. With a compelling emphasis on player choices influencing their reputation and outcomes, "Star Wars Outlaws" invites gamers into an evolving narrative where their actions define the ever-shifting alliances and consequences.

Overall, "Star Wars Outlaws" stands poised to deliver an electrifying gaming experience, promising a gripping narrative woven within the rich tapestry of the iconic Star Wars universe.

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