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Dare engage in ultimate combat in Battlefield 2042

Updated: Mar 26

Battlefield 2024

All out Warfare on the Battlefield

Gas the tanks and lace your black Military boots. Are your weapons designed to engage in mass destruction? Soilders take aim to kill with a cutting-edge arsenal. Intense combat skills on full display. There is no mercy in war or the results of war. Death literally at every turn. But you are a trained soilder, the best, with an extraordinary skill to kill. Battlefield 2024 puts you in the middle of an intense Warzone.

Battlefield 2024 shoilder holding machine gun

A world transfered by disorder

At odds with Russia, you prepare and join the Task Forces. Complete kaos and mother nature is not your friend. Mental fatigue is real and it starts to take shape.

Battlefield 2024 Review

Takes me back to my Socom days on PS2. Enjoying the different modes especially Rush XL. Weapons, specialists, gear, etc. so much to customize. More and more players are playing with the many improvements made since launch. Plus Seasons 4 and 5 upcoming for 2023.

Review posted on 01/08/23 by

Soilders on top of burning building in battlefield 2024

You release a fierce arsenal

Vehicles, Jets, Helis and your combat experience is second to none.

helicopter crashed on roof in battlefield 2024

You are up against changing Battle conditions

You'll need to conquer extreme Sandstorms in the deserts of Qatar. Avoid the path of deadly tornadoes capable of obliterating everything within its radius.

fighter pilot jumping from plane in battlefield 2024

Put together and control an elite squad

Completely customizable. Choose how you perform on the Battlefield.

helicopter pilot jumps from helicopter battlefield 2024

Battlefield 2042 Amazon Ratings 03/26/23

How are Amazon customers feeling about this game?

Amazon customer ratings battlefield 2024

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Battlefield 2024 Review (PS5)

The games industry stops for no one, and just one week after Call of Duty: Vanguard was put out by Activision, Battlefield 2042 is here to try and eat its lunch. What it has to offer, though, could hardly be considered a filling main course. EA DICE has cooked up an excellent starter — sort of like a crowd-pleasing tomato soup — that doesn't quite have the chops to stand on its own. Extensive post-launch support will surely see it fulfil those ambitions, but that content is months or possibly even years down the line. When Battlefield 2042 shows you the bill, it's asking you to buy into what's to come rather than hope you're satisfied with the chef's first dish. Read full review on Push Square

Wrap up

Battlefield 2024 has received alot of mixed reviews. The verdict has been less than great guys but it appears things are looking up.


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