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The scary truth finally revealed about Gotham Knights

Updated: Feb 6

Play as a New Guard of DC Super Heroes – Step into the roles of Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood and Robin and shape Gotham’s newest protector to create your own version of the Dark Knight. Thanks for stopping by gameProXL, we've included some Customer reviews for your viewing. We value your opinion, don't forget to give us your rating at the end.

What is Gotham Knights?

Play as a New Guard of DC Super Heroes

Action-Packed, Original Story Set in DC’s Batman Universe – With the Belfry as their base of operations, this new era of heroes will solve mysteries that connect the darkest chapters in Gotham’s history – from its soaring towers to its underground criminal network. Embark on rich storylines.

Explore and Fight Crime in an Open-World Gotham City – Patrol the dark streets of five distinct boroughs in a dynamic, interactive Gotham using a variety of traversal abilities and heroic combat moves, as well as the iconic Batcycle. From street-level crimefighting to face-offs with iconic DC Super-Villains, save the city from descent into chaos.

Unique Character Abilities and Customization – Each hero has unique abilities, gear, weapons and a customizable suit. Batgirl wields her melee tonfa Nightwing uses his signature dual escrima sticks; Red Hood has trained to reach peak human strength; and Robin is expertly skilled with his collapsible quarter staff.

Team Up in Two-Player, Online Co-Op – Play Gotham Knights solo or team up with a friend and combine strengths to protect Gotham City in two-player, online co-op.

Gotham Knights Video Game Reviews

In-depth reviews, Gotham Knights

Review posted on 12/26/22 by

It was fantastic can’t complain about a single thing.

Review posted on 12/25/22 by

Worth the spend! Great gift that will keep on giving!

Review posted on 10/24/22 by

First off I'd like to make it clear I had this game on preorder. Amazon didn't even bother dispatching the game until the following day of release. Despite being able to buy the game on the day of release and receive the game the very same day. Sort yourselves out Amazon. Not excuse to dispatch 1 day after release, I'm also a prime member too.

Now to the game. I've played about 3 hours so far, after a lengthy install to my PS5. The game feels like Batman Arkham Origins, and plays like it and Arkham series made by Rocksteady. It plays OK, and lacks a jump button so you have to walk round low height items, a bit stupid really, But minor issue.

The city is large, and interesting to explore and you can stop criminals out to complete crimes like you did in Spiderman games by Insomniac.

It's priced correctly, think of it as a PS4 quality game in terms of graphics. If you go into the game expecting a good game and not an AAA game then you'll enjoy it for what it is.

Review posted on 10/24/22 by

Its pretty, and thats where the good stops dead. Theres just no flow at all the fighting mechanics are sluggish which transtate into damn right boring gameplay. The story and voice acting are bland. I feel like the only things missing are Scooby Doo and the mystery machine, i seriously expect them all to say Jinkies after every scene. Where the hell are the puzzles? Nope not one anywhere! You find graffiti, historical name plates, look at dead bodies pick an option and Done! Grappling from place to place got boring real fast to the end i was just fast travelling everywhere instead. One huge slog getting to a fight then back to the belfry another slog getting to a hide out then back to the belfry, fight a boss then back to the myster. . . Sorry belfry. Even when Batgirl gets to glide its nowhere near as graceful nor as useful as Bman. Long loping kangaroo jumps with Redhood, falling slowly and very ungainly with Nightwing and Robin. Ive no idea wtf thats about!? Its the first game ive ever got through and thought Meh!! Ive loved every batman and i was really looking forward to this game now im looking into selling it. Disappointment aint the word.


Gotham Knights represents a bold leap into the Batman universe, offering players an immersive and dynamic gaming experience. With its compelling storyline, diverse characters, and engaging gameplay mechanics, the game captivates audiences with its unique blend of action and narrative depth. As players delve into the crime-ridden streets of Gotham City, they assume the roles of iconic heroes, battling formidable villains and uncovering dark secrets. "Gotham Knights" not only honors the legacy of the Caped Crusader but also paves the way for a new generation of superhero adventures, promising endless thrills and excitement for fans worldwide.

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