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14 Mind-blowing Xbox Custom Controllers (Dream Controller)

Updated: Feb 13

Are you looking for the best Xbox Custom Controller? Xbox Gamers are always in pursuit of perfection and the leveling up their setups. These Custom Xbox Controllers will add a Cherry to your Gaming Room Decor. These Controllers come with all Original Accessories and their normal working is not affected by the custom printing on them. Since these are not skins, you need not worry about them peeling off after some time or any wrinkles or bubbles on the surface. In this post we'll show you some of the most popular Xbox Custom Controllers. Thanks for stopping by gameProXL, you are a valued reader. So, let's get down to it.

Inject a bit of luxury into your Video Gaming experience with a custom printed controller from Dream Controller.

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Who makes the best Custom Xbox Controller?


We believe that one shouldn't settle for a normal, plain boring controller when they can have a controller that is colorful, has great artwork on it, have a soft touch feel, and is so much fun! Stand out among all your gamer friends/streamers with these Unique Designed Xbox Controllers.

Feel confident purchasing your New Wireless Custom Xbox Series X/S controller because all controllers are manually Checked for quality by our in-house technicians in the USA and Tested before shipping out. All Controllers are compatible with Xbox One, Xbox One S/X, Xbox Series S/X, and, PC Windows 10 devices.

High quality and wear-resistant and with your favorite character design on both sides, these controllers include a brand new wireless connection that lets you rid yourself of cable lines to enjoy a great wireless range!

What are the Top 10 Custom Xbox Controllers by DreamController?

1. Neon Weed Xbox Customer Controller

2. Batman Xbox Custom Controller

3. Blood Drip Xbox Custom Controller

4. Boba Fett Black Xbox Custom Controller

5. COD Modern Warfare Xbox Custom Controller

6. Checkered Xbox Custom Controller

7. Pineapple Xbox Custom Controller

8. Darth Yoda Xbox Custom Controller

9. Fortnite Omega Xbox Custom Controller

10. Fortnite Blue Xbox Custom Controller

11. Fortnite Green Xbox Custom Controller

12. Fortnite Purple Xbox Custom Controller

13. Fortnite Yellow Xbox Custom Controller

14. Skull Green Xbox Custom Controller

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The truth is, these unique stunning custom Xbox Controllers are designed with you in mind. Any Gaming accessory in your possession after hitting your "Power On" button should be nothing short of Elite, the best of the best. Why should you pass up a chance to get a one of a kind Controller that matches your personality.

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