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7 facts you didn't know about WRC Generations

Updated: Sep 29

When you get into the guts of it, WRC Generations is by no means a drastic shake-up on its quality predecessors, even if there have been some small but welcome improvements to the career mode and customisation tools that have spiked my enthusiasm. It does, however, deserve credit for both the very respectable range of relevant rally cars it features, as well as its absolute mountain of rally locations. With almost every country to host the WRC over the last decade represented, WRC Generations may be KT Racing’s last WRC game, but there’s nothing least about it. The kitchen sink philosophy has resulted in a fantastic and uncommonly generous package for gravel groupies, asphalt addicts, and mud-slinging maniacs alike. Verdict posted on 11/03/22. See full review on

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WRC Generations Customer Review

WRC Generations Game Review

"Difficult, not for beginners"

Review posted on12/18/22 by

This game has excellent visuals and sound effects. Everything from the cars to the environment is extremely clear and looks beautiful. I especially liked the way certain sound effects use the little speaker inside of the PS5 controller! That said, this game was not enjoyable for me because of the difficulty. If you're a veteran of this type of serious racing sim, you will probably love this game. For me, frustrating does not equal fun. I'm tossing this one onto the trade-in pile.

Race Car Racing in snow

About WRC Generations

Key Factors

  • 750 km of unique special stages in 22 countries; A new Rally Sweden environment with 6 brand-new special stages

  • 49 teams from the 2022 season (Rally1 / Rally2 / Junior WRC); A LEAGUES mode in which you can challenge other players

  • 37 legendary cars plus additional bonuses and new hybrid vehicles

  • 165 timed special stages

  • New, even more realistic vehicle physics


Seems to be difficult and very challenging unless you're a seasoned Gamer. This is an opinion of gameProXL.

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