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America's justifiable obsession with Cosplay. "The Truth"

young cosplay girl with purple wig, freckles and black make up

It's also my truth, secretly a weird desirable taste. The unique look not just any girl can do. Underneath the costume, props and colorful accessories, it's more about the girl. Cosplay, a unique look that you have or you don't. You are either born with it or not. Gotta love the light freckles, the innocent but wild eyes with "baby like" ponytails. Cult-like language and beauty, it's definately not a look you can manufacturer. You can see it miles away, Cosplay takes the air from the room. Your eyes lock in an instant and it's over, a complete wrap. A real addiction you won't admit to, you keep it tucked away.... deep down.

The unspoken truth about Cosplay girls and how the look digs at a man's soul. Free, untamed, crazy spirit and unlike any other girl. Cosplay girls are 1 of 1, true gems. Fixation, an obsessive interest in or feeling about someone or something. An automatic attraction that consumes you, effects everything you do from the second going forward. Cospay girls, "exceptional quality, value, or beauty."

cosplay girl wearning glasses, pink wig and brown cat ears

Why is America's obsession justifiable, because Cosplay controls you, consumes you, takes over your Mind, Body & Soul. You notice her as soon as your eyes connect, you sweat, in a hypnotized-like state. Your thoughts become uncontrollable of what It might be like to get next to Cosplay Girl.

It's not a part-time gig, It's inside her, her DNA, it's the energy she gives us all. Even when she's not trying, she releases it into the Universe.

cosplay girl sucking on lollipop with purple short wig and pink bunny ears.

Cosplay releases a hyper type of engery. Colorful, playful, driven and seemingly happy. It's not a feeling one can describe, you'd have to be into it to understand. I'm not even sure what the classificaiton might be, but it's clearly one of a kind. There is no comparison, you can't imitate or fake it till you make it. Nope, not Cosplay, the truth is in the way she walks and talks. The accessories won't do you justice, you'd have to be born with it.

Cosplay girl wearing pink gaming headset with bunnny ears

Beauty beneath those dark deep eyes and how she demands the attention unintended. You can't help it, you just lost your soul lol. Their creativity, passion, and dedication to bringing fictional characters to life. Such individuality, it's truly remarkable.

You can't stop her, she's too powerful, her aura controls the ground we stand on. Surrounded by forces you'll never see or get to be apart of. Cosplay, it's more than a costume. It's really the things you can't see, the intangibles. What makes her Cosplay, it's partly what you or I will never see or feel.

Photos literally jumping of the pages of human existance. You'll never see her coming, you can't get prepared, you are mesmerized. Described as an enthrall fascinate hypnotize stupefy. Exotic look, erratic behavior. You'll know it when you see it. She's a 13 on a scale of 10. Crowds want to be near her, touch her, feel her presence. She's like the "calm" in rough seas. She's the "peace" at the heart of the war.

The Infatuation Cosplay

Diverse, fandom-devoted, expressive, passionate, creative, what more can I say. How do you put Cosplay into context, truth is, it's too complexed. There's so many layers to pull back.

Cosplay girl wearing long colorful dress with purple long wig sitting outside

Cosplay, derived from the combination of "costume play," is an engaging activity and form of performance art. In this practice, individuals known as cosplayers dress up in costumes and accessories to authentically portray a specific character.

My final thoughts

The fascination and appreciation for Cosplay girls in America reflect a broader cultural celebration of creativity, passion, and inclusivity. The vibrant world of Cosplay transcends traditional boundaries, bringing together individuals from diverse backgrounds who share a common love for bringing fictional characters to life. The dedication and skill displayed by Cosplay girls highlight their commitment to the art form, contributing to the growth and evolution of the Cosplay community.

However, it is crucial to approach discussions about the "obsession" with sensitivity and respect. The term "obsession" may carry a subjective connotation, and it's important to recognize that individuals engage in Cosplay for various reasons, ranging from self-expression to a genuine passion for fandoms. Rather than focusing on perceived obsessions, it is more productive to appreciate the creativity, talent, and community spirit that characterize the world of Cosplay.

Ultimately, the popularity of Cosplay girls in America is a testament to the inclusive nature of the Cosplay community and the positive impact of individuals expressing their love for fictional worlds. As we continue to celebrate the unique and diverse contributions of Cosplayers, it is essential to foster an environment that values creativity, encourages collaboration, and embraces the rich tapestry of interests within the ever-expanding realm of Cosplay.

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