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How to earn $1,000.00 by next week selling used Video Games on Ebay

Updated: 4 days ago

6 Tips to become a successful Ebay Seller overnight. Learn how I made $1,000.00 in 6 days selling used Video Games on Ebay. In this Article, I reveal my proven step by step strategy to make $1,000.00 on Ebay. Regardless if you're never sold a single Video Game on Ebay, there's something here for you. Thank you for stopping by gameProXL, I'd like to open up my Ebay Seller notebook and share it with you. Grab your notepad and use these 6 steps to sell an unlimited amount of used Video Games on Ebay.

How to earn $1,000.00 selling used Video Games on Ebay

6 Proven strategies to sell on Ebay that actually work in 2023

Tip 1

Product Research

You should not sell a single Video Game on Ebay without doing product research, period! You will NOT be successful at selling used Video Games on Ebay if you fail to do your research first.

In fact, take 60 days to research selling used Video Games on Ebay prior to setting up your store.

These are 10 of my favorite sites for Video Game research. Studying these Websites gave me a competitive edge over other Ebay sellers. I encourage you to immerse yourself into the Gaming culture and these sites.

1. BoardGameGeek This in an Online Board Game community with valuable news & reviews.

2. Archive-It - Digital Gaming Community. Digital Game design and news.

3. Engadget - Gaming news - Global Tech, Entertainment & Gaming news.

4. The Escapis - This is an Online Magazine that shares Gaming articles and features.

5. Game FAQS - Computer and Video Game Cheat codes.

6. Kotaku - International Gaming blog news from Japan, Oceania and America.

7. Metacritic - Get relevant Video Game reviews

8. MobyGames - Unofficial database of Computer Consoles and Arcade Games

9. PC Gamer - Read about Hardware testing, Gaming reviews and events.

10. Science Daily - Press releases and News articles. Top stories.

Use Ebay's Terepeak Product Research tool to continue your research after you've set up your Ebay store. Most Ebay sellers will not take the time to use tools within the platform. Using Terepeak instantly puts you ahead of 90% of Sellers and is a sure fire way to optimize your Ebay listings.

Tip 2

Learn "Buyer Behavior"

The better you get to know your target audience, the more you will sell and optimize listings to fit their needs. Understing the behaviors of your intended buyers allows you to tailor your store accordingly. Most Ebay Sellers won't take the time to do it, thus giving you another competitive edge.

Tip 3

Remove all emotions from the sell

When it comes to the success of selling used Video Games on Ebay, your emotions play NO part. In order words, the Ebay Platform itself, Buyers & the current Ebay Market have ALL the control. The sooner you understand this, the faster you'll start selling a ton of Video Games.

Tip 4

Let the Ebay Market dictate your price, NOT what you think it's worth

Your used Video Games will NOT sell according to what they are actually worth, However they will sell based on what the current Ebay Market dictates. "NOT THE OPEN MARKET, THE EBAY MARKET"

Your Video Games will ONLY sell for an amount someone is willing to pay for it, NOT what you think it's worth. As an Ebay Seller, one of your first assignments should be to undertand "Supply & Demand". I want to repeat this loud and clear, "THE CURRENT EBAY MARKET SETS THE PRICE, NOT YOU"!

Ebay is known for discounted prices, sales, deals and cheap items. People shop on Ebay because they refuse to pay "Retail prices". Setting your prices too high is the #1 reason your Video Games will never ever sale on Ebay.

Tip 5

Set Goals

Are you ready for the cold hard truth? You will NOT accomplish anything worth while without setting goals. "You have to know where you want to go before you take your first step". Look in the mirror and ask yourself this question. "How does one set a Navigational system for a destination if they don't know what the destination is? Unfortunately most people don't actually know what they want, thus they'll never get what they want. In turn, they get frustrated and quit. Don't let this be you.

Set a realistic goal based on your current situation, then find a like-mined friend or mentor that will hold you accountable. Immerse yourself and stay committed. Once you set the goal, stick to it!

Tip 6

Treat it like a business

If you want to earn a $1,000.00 on Ebay selling used Video Games, you must treat the entire process like a business NOT a weekend hobby. You will NOT become a successful Ebay Seller by accident. Trust me, everything you do must be intentional.

Why do over 70% of people fail to sell used Video Games on Ebay?

Lack of consistency

Set a realistic schedule to work on your Ebay business before getting started. Key word is "realistic", come up with a schedule you can stick to.

Lack of strategy

Use the above 6 tips as a starting point. Be realistic, don't quit when your first Video Game listing doesn't sell. Strategy is key and will be vital to your success on Ebay.


I sold my first item on Ebay, Oct 18, 2006. I've learned a few things along the way. These 6 tips allowed me to be a successful Ebay Seller and recently to be more specific, used Video Games. Remember you won't become a succesful Ebay Seller by accident. You must have a specific strategy, commit to continuous learning about the Ebay platform and NEVER quit. Thanks.

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