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New ‘Paranormal Activity’ Video Game Coming in 2026 From ‘The Mortuary Assistant’ Team (EXCLUSIVE)

New ‘Paranormal Activity’ Video Game Coming in 2026 From ‘The Mortuary Assistant’ Team (EXCLUSIVE) review on gameProXL

New Paranormal Activity video game slated for 2026

A new video game based on Paramount's "Paranormal Activity" horror franchise is set to launch in 2026. Developed by DreadXP, the publisher behind the successful horror game "The Mortuary Assistant," the game promises to bring the franchise's unique found-footage style to horror fans in innovative ways.

According to statements from DreadXP and Paramount Global, the "Paranormal Activity" video game will expand upon the lore and world of the films, offering players a deeply immersive experience. The game will be available on various platforms and will feature an advanced "Haunt System" that dynamically adjusts the types and intensity of scares based on player actions.

DreadXP co-director and creative director Brian Clarke (DarkStone Digital), the main developer on “The Mortuary Assistant,” is leading the development of the “Paranormal Activity” video game.

Since its inception with the release of the first "Paranormal Activity" film in 2007, the seven-movie series produced by Blumhouse and Solana Films has been hailed for its reinvention of the "found footage" horror genre, amassing over $800 million in global box office revenue.

New ‘Paranormal Activity’ Video Game Coming in 2026 From ‘The Mortuary Assistant’ Team (EXCLUSIVE) review on gameProXL

Patrick Ewald, CEO of Epic Pictures and producer at DreadXP, expressed excitement about collaborating with Paramount Game Studios to bring the world of "Paranormal Activity" to gamers worldwide. He emphasized the films' rich lore and innovative scares, affirming that DreadXP's "Paranormal Activity" video game, led by creative director Brian Clarke, would uphold these fundamental aspects while delivering an exceptionally chilling experience.

Brian Clarke further noted the franchise's significant impact on the horror genre, highlighting the success of their previous title, "The Mortuary Assistant." He promised an even more intense experience in their upcoming game, leveraging lessons learned from past developments to enhance the haunting system and deliver heightened levels of terror.

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The announcement of the "Paranormal Activity" video game slated for release in 2026 marks an exciting new chapter in horror gaming. Building upon the groundbreaking success of the film franchise, this collaboration between DreadXP and Paramount Game Studios promises to immerse players in a world of terror like never before. With a commitment to honoring the rich lore and innovative scares that define the "Paranormal Activity" universe, gamers can anticipate an experience that pushes the boundaries of fear and suspense. The incorporation of an advanced "Haunt System," dynamically responsive to player actions, suggests a level of immersion and intensity that is sure to captivate horror enthusiasts. As the gaming industry continues to evolve, this upcoming title stands as a testament to the enduring popularity and influence of the horror genre. With its release on the horizon, fans can eagerly anticipate stepping into a world where the line between reality and nightmare blurs, promising an unforgettable gaming experience.


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