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Breaking the Ice: Exploring the Next Evolution in NHL 23 (verdict revealed)

Updated: Feb 9

Verdict posted 10/20/22 by IGN. See full reivew at It’s overdue, but NHL 23 finally looks and feels like it belongs on these beefier consoles. The visual tech upgrade adds stellar reality to the on-ice play, which also benefits from players who are willing to dive for the puck to make a desperate goal or save. It gains new energy from crowds reacting to the action like real crowds would, bringing a definitive audio design that’s best-in-class for stadium effects. Franchise mode customization greatly expands, and seeing women in the fold for the first time feels right – and also overdue. At the same time there are several modes that are outright ignored, including the Be a Pro single-player campaign, and its microtransaction-driven Ultimate Team mode comes with the usual caveats about its predatory, profit-driven nature.

NHL 23 video game review on gameProXL

NHL 23 Reviews

Review posted on 11/17/22 by

More details than all of the previous game systems, this includes more requirements for skill and individual player control.

Review posted on 01/18/23 by

Pretty much the same as every other year little grpahics tweaks and minor bug fixes, new jerseys, new options but essentially the same game as lastyear. Great if you like hockey however.

Review posted on 11/01/22 by

Boys have been playing it nonstop Christmas came early this year

Review posted on 11/14/22 by

More stadium lights and sounds, more announcers, more hockey cards, but the overall mechanics of the game haven't changed since 2019, at least. Same fights, same animations, same backwards skating refs that get stuck. The underlying game doesn't change. Just the cosmetics.

Review posted on 01/23/23 by

NHL 23 finally looks and feels like it belongs on Playstation 5 console. Visual upgrade from NHL 22 it`s amazing. I am playing mostly just Franchise mode, where I am adding my own team. There`s some new animations, new celebrations and lots of small bits you will like. you can completely edit your season setup. But I am still missing small bits that will make me love it. Definitely good start for NHL 24

Review posted on 01/22/23 by

Super gift for a 13teen year old

About NHL 23

EA SPORTS NHL 23 is greater together. Get the best players in the world on one lineup with the introduction of mixed women’s and men’s teams in HUT. Arriving as post-launch updates, cross-platform matchmaking for players on the same platform generation in HUT and WOC means deeper player pools, shorter queue times, and more teams for your squad to square up against. And now, add to your highlight reel with over 500 new Last Chance Puck Movement gameplay animations that let you control how a play unfolds after any level of contact is taken, from performing passes out of stumbles to desperation shots from the ice. Plus, overhauled strategy systems allow you to easily gameplan and finetune your playmaking skills. So grab your friends and gear up for the most dynamic, connected, and visually rich Chel experience yet.

NHL 23 video game reivews on gameProXL

Hockey Ultimate Team

Explore the vast updates in HUT with a complete refresh of HUT Rivals and additional tiers of rewards.

Mixed Teams

In a historic update IIHF Women's National Team members can now play along side men in a HUT lineup, allowing you to make your dream team of the sport's best players a reality.

Content Migration

Players who start playing NHL 23 on Playstation4 or Xbox One will be able to transfer their HUT Team value and progress to the next generation of their respective platforms in PS5 or Xbox Series X|S. This migration means that within the NHL 23 title.

Last Chance Puck Movement

A new series of desperation gameplay animation add a new layer of authenticity and excitement to the game.

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Mykal Isquierdo
Mykal Isquierdo
Feb 12, 2023

So fascinating with the integration of the women.

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