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In-depth look at Mario Rabbids Kingdom Battle Gold Edition

Updated: Feb 8

Embark on an epic quest with Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Yoshi and four Rabbids heroes: Rabbid Mario, Rabbid Luigi, Rabbid Peach, and Rabbid Yoshi to put the Mushroom Kingdom back in order!

Is Mario Rabbids Kingdom Battle Gold Edition worth buying?

Yes, it's an unexpected encounter between Mario and the irreverent Rabbids

Explore four iconic worlds filled with chests and secrets, solve puzzles, and defeat unpredictable enemies on the battlefield.

How many Weapons does the Pixel Pack allow?

The Pixel Pack grants you 8 weapons with 8-bit visuals

Digital content: the season pass The Pixel Pack that grants you 8 weapons with 8-bit visuals.The Steampunk Pack that unlocks 8 weapons with steampunk style.The Ultra Challenge Pack featuring 8 Ultra Hard Challenges inside each world's Secret chapter. In addition, find a new co-op campaign with 5 co-op maps, featuring Chain Chomps, Tornadoes, Boos, and Pyroclasts.

Who does Rabbid Peach team up with?

Donkey Kong and the stubborn Rabbid Cranky

Donkey Kong DLC - Experience a new story that expands the game's universe! Separated from her friends, Rabbid Peach will team up with two new heroes to save the day: the banana-loving hero Donkey Kong and the stubborn Rabbid Cranky! Stop Rabbid Kong from executing his mischievous plan before it's too late!

Mario Rabbids Kingdom Battle Gold Edition Reviews

Customer Reviews

Review posted on 10/10/18 by

Great game - to those who are familiar with XCOM’s turn based combat will love this game towards a lighter aspect but don’t confuse as to a ‘kiddy’ game as levels progressed later on become more and more of a challenge requiring the right weapon (different passive skills attached to them), the right characters to encounters which could go about many ways. The story is somewhat comedic and levels just as any other Mario game you’ll need to rerun to get that completion.

Review posted on 09/05/18 by

Don't get me wrong... it's not Xcom, but it's the Mario filled equivalent. Solid gameplay, skills and weapons and surprisingly complex tactics.

Good game to introduce people to turn based strategy and Xcom like games. With a fun, silly background theme.

Review posted on 07/02/19 by

The kids were estatic, personally I don't see the attraction cause I don't know how to use it but I take their word for it that it was the best game ever for the 5 minutes that it caught their attention!


Mario Rabbids Kingdom Battle Gold Edition stands as a testament to the fusion of beloved characters and strategic gameplay. With its engaging narrative, vibrant visuals, and expanded content, it offers players an immersive experience filled with humor and challenge. The Gold Edition's additional features enhance replay value and deepen immersion, ensuring that players can enjoy countless hours of tactical fun. Undoubtedly, it remains a shining gem in the ever-expanding universe of Mario and Rabbids collaborations.

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