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How to build a Video Game Blog and rank on Google fast

Updated: Apr 6

How to build a Video Game Blog in 2023 and 8 secrets I wish I knew from the beginning. gameProXL is my first successful Blog after many failures. I'm going to open up my SEO & Blogging Blueprint.

How to build a Video Game Blog and get found on Google. There are specific strategies you must adopt to create a successful Video Game blog in 2023. It's simple, but requires a consistant strategic strategy. Notice I said consistant... the strategy doesn't work without consistancy. In this article, I'm going to reveal 8 things I wish I knew before starting gameProXL a few years ago. This list will help you avoid my mistakes and help you get ranked on Google faster. Thank you for being here, so grab a pen and let's get started.

How to start a successful Video Game Blog in 2023

Use a consistant strategy

Create Valuable Content

A blog is only as successful as it's content.

  • Tip #1 Understanding the psychololgy of the reader. In other words, before you pick up your pen, you should trade places with the reader. You are no longer the Author, but the reader. As a reader, what are some "deal breakers" that would keep you on or off a blog. Is there anything here valuable to me... what's in it for me? Can you relate to the Author? Your words should be engaging and geared toward building a relationship surrounding the audience you are targeting. Transparency and authenticity will go along way and is the first step in creating epic desirable content people want to read.

  • Tip #2 How to use Page Headings. Your page format will play a vital role to in your SEO and Search Engine Ranking. Search Engines favor properly structured pages and articles that make sense for the reader. Always keep in mind... Does this format make sense for Google to share it to a complete stranger searching the internet. Page structure along with your content helps you prove your case to Google that they should share your content. Header 1 should always be used for your Article Title. Header 2 should always be a potential question your target audience might be searching. Header 3 should be the answer to your question in Header 2. Headers 4,5,6 are not mandatory but if used, keep them short using relevant key words.

  • Tip #3 Consistancy is mandatory. Your approach to creating a successful Video Game blog must be consistant. You WILL fail without consistancy, it's NOT an option if you want a successful blog. Everything from SEO, Page structure, number of monthly Articles, etc etc. Not to mention "Consistancy" is another thing that shows Google you are for real. This is how you gain trust with Google and other major Search Engines. Create a daily routine to build your blog and stick to it. If not, you're telling Google not to waste time on you.

  • Tip #4 Create Internal & External links within your Articles. Link to other Articles within your blog that are related and that make sense to your reader. Create External Links to other high ranking sites with simular content and audiences. This will vastly and quickly improve your SEO and show Google you are an expert in your field.

  • Tip #5 Use the same key words in your Page URL, Title & in your first paragraph.Your title, page URL and ideally your first or second sentence in your 1st parapraph should always contain the key word(s) in which you are trying to rank. Keep in mind, your key words are what you are telling Search Engines you are an expert.

  • Tip #6 Develop an "Author's" mind-set. Understand your words are powerful and can be used to enhance the lives of others around the world. You have a responsibility to be responsible with your words. Each word should be thoughtful, relateable, valuable and used with the intent to help others. Honestly, having this mindset has helped me the most. It holds me accountable to putting out good vibes and energy into the universe. That's the key, you want to be known for great content in a specific area of expertise.

  • Tip #7 Use your competition. Find out what people are talking about. What's new, what's hot, new releases and up and coming Gaming ideas. Your Video Game Blog needs to stay fresh, relevant and trending. There's no better way to get content ideas than from other Blogs in which you share a simular audience. There's nothing wrong with this, you are not going to copy them, but get an idea for a new hot topic.

  • Tip #8 Know your Site Analytics. Make Google Analytics your best friend. Regardless of which site builder software you choose, monitor your site's behavior to improve. This is the best way to understand what's working and what's not. You should consistantly make the appropriate changes to your blog according to what the numbers are telling you. Don't be afraid to edit or even get rid of Articles that are not working. Remember, it's all about growth. Your site's analytics is the perfect tool to keep track of your blog's progress and is used by all the big bloggers.

How to build a Video Game Blog in 2023


I hope I was able to give you some insight on how to create a Video Game Blog and rank on Search Engines. It's not easy, but can be one of the most rewarding things you'll ever do. You get to share your thoughts and topics you are passionate about and reach people World Wide. Words can be very powerful and inspiring. I started this Gaming blog with the intent of reaching millions, and I have no doubt we're on our way. I sincerly hope you enjoyed this and it inspires you to get started today. If you have an existing blog, we'd love to check it out. Please "Sign Up" and throw your Blog details in the comments.

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