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13 Elements of AI: The unofficial humanity removal tool

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

What are the elements of AI? I've been hearing the thought of "human replacement technology" can be quite scary and confusing. What about the effect on Jobs and the World's Economy. I've taken full advantage of AI tools and ChatGPT to explode several Online businesses. There is also something to be said about the "human" touch and thought process being taken away. The Robot vs. us, is it really that simple or more complexed? In this post I'd like to get into detail about things some would say is concerning about Artificial Intelligence. There's the good, the bad, then there's AI.

Artificial Intelligence in Education

AI Curriculum

Will it effect some parts of the Education System in America? Knowing the evolution of Technology and the fact that our future will consist of having Bots to the thinking for me, why bother putting in the effort. Imagine AI 2041, it actually may be doing your kids home work, eliminating a reason for them to think or do the research for themselves. The fact is we're not actually sure how AI may effect Education.

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

AI Basic Functionality

Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the development of computer systems and algorithms that can perform tasks that typically require human intelligence. It involves creating machines or software that can exhibit intelligent behavior, such as learning from experience, understanding natural language, recognizing patterns, making decisions, and solving problems.

Will Google reward AI generated content

AI & SEO Ranking

This is a tough question that still doesn't have a definitive answer. I believe it's too early at this early stage in the evolution of Artificial Intelligence and how Search Engine algorithms will react. I believe at some point Algorithms will detect ChatGPT generated content, if not already. The question becomes will this lower your website's authority in the eyes of Google thus lowering your Ranking.

A Robot sitting outside on a bench working on a laptop

AI in Agriculture

Minimize the risk of crop failures

Imagine if you're a Farmer and suddenly you're given the ability to forecast and use predictive analytics to reduce errors. Using Artificial Intelligence to forcast temporature and weather. How about Agricultural Systems and Engineering?

Agricultural systems and engineering

Systems for crop and soil monitoring are leveraging machine learning, remote sensing, satellite imagery, drones, and precision technologies for informed production and management. Autonomous robots are being developed to perform previously labor-intensive tasks like harvesting crops in greater volumes and faster than traditional human laborers. Nano-based sensing mechanisms and smart sensors are being developed and evaluated for accurate, reliable and cost-effective early and rapid detection of pathogens, allergens, chemicals and contaminants in foods, plant and animal production systems, water and soil. Read the full article on

What is Artificial Intelligence Drawing

Visual Art & Images created by AI algorithms

AI drawing refers to the process of generating visual art or images using artificial intelligence algorithms. It involves using machine learning techniques to train models that can generate drawings, paintings, sketches, or other visual representations. Wondering what AI drawing website is the best? Go here to try Jasper Art.

AI for Oceans

Oceanographic Research

AI can process large volumes of oceanographic data collected from satellites, buoys, and sensors. Machine learning algorithms can analyze this data to detect patterns, predict oceanic phenomena like El Niño or harmful algal blooms, and provide valuable insights into climate change and ocean health.

Wrap Up

Artificial Intelligence gives us a multitude of opportunity but also the unknown of AI evolution is scary for some people. I look at it as a Tech tool to enhance everything I do. But there are those who are very concerned about how much AI will take away from them. Those who believe some things still exist the Robot cannot duplicate. I'd love to hear your thoughts, please comment below. Remeber, you are a valued reader.

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