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Crazy girl power in Devil May Cry 5

Updated: Sep 29

A demonic invasion begins with the seeds of a "demon tree" taking root in Red Grave City.

Featuring three playable characters each with a radically different stylish combat play style.

Developed with Capcom's in house proprietary RE engine, the series continues to achieve new heights in fidelity with graphics that utilize photorealistic character designs and stunning lighting and environmental effects. Battle against epic bosses in adrenaline fueled fights across the over run Red Grave City..Nero, one of the series main protagonists and a young demon hunter who has the blood of Sparda, heads to Red Grave City to face the hellish onslaught of demons, with weapons craftswoman and new partner in crime, Nico.

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Devil May Cry 5 Reviews

Customer Reviews

Review posted on 07/23/2020 by

Just when you thought the successful game formula had gotten old and no onw would be interested in this type of game, along comes this latest version which holds on to the classic formula and adds all kinds of great graphics and a wide range of game styles and characters. So glad to see that it takes full advantage of the console technology, hopefully this success will transfer into the next generation consoles!

Review posted on 03/08/2020 by

I love this game, combat is improved from DMC4, new characters keep the cast interesting and the dynamic between characters is entertaining and different when compared to prior entries. Plot is interesting, world-building is still great (It's DMC, you should know what you're getting into w/ the 5th installment.). It's a quality experience that I'd recommend to anybody who has even the slightest interest in checking out the series. DMC5 is an excellent jumping off point for newcomers as well, highly recommend it.

Review posted on 01/21/2020 by

Fan of DMC since the first iteration. This game makes me feel like a kid again and easily one of the best dmc to date. I rate this as the 3rd best of the series. 1st being Devil May Cry and 2nd is DMC 3. My only complaint initially is the camera can go nuts when you're fighting multiple enemies in a small area but I got used to it.

Review posted on 01/21/2020 by

This game is wonderful. It oozes style and coolness, from its characters to the music to the gameplay to the in-game world itself. DMC 5 has cemented itself as a core DMC experience, and fans of games like Bayonetta and Metal Gear Rising Revengeance need to pick it up.

Review posted on 07/29/2019 by

It's a super simple and straight forward action packed Devil May Cry game. It's got everything going for it. Great combat system, great character flair and really enjoyable visuals. In a world where gaming has become overly complicated and saturated with the same open world or complex story driven elements, it's great to be able to play something like this

Just a little warning DmC games are known for replay-ability so expect to play through the game again in order to properly use the abilities and weapons you have earned....or you can do the Dante exploit to get enough to get them all

Review posted on 07/29/2019 by

DMC5 has set the bar for stylish action games going forward, with fun, addictive gameplay that feels so good to get good at and improve on and an interesting story with appealing, cool characters. A must get for fans of similar games like the early god of war games, metal gear rising and bayonetta and a perfect gateway for those interested in exploring these kinds of games. Do yourself a favour, pick it up and have a blast.

P.S. the real game starts after you finish the story and start learning how to pull off crazy, stylish combos

craftswoman fighing monster in video game

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