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1 Insane Logan Paul lawsuit you didn't know about 2/2/23

Updated: Feb 14

Legit or fake, let's dive into this fascinating story about Logan Paul's CryptoZoo project.

Logan Paul CryptoZoo Class-Action lawsuit 02/02/23

Youtube sinsation Logan Paul lawsuit is spreading throughout the World Wide Web faster than a California wildfire. This over his involvement with the CryptoZoo project, which is now under question outlined in a recent Class-Action lawsuit. In this article gameProXL will share some insight surrounding the basis of the CryptoZoo lawsuit and the term "rug pull".

Who is Logan Paul?

American media personality

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imPaulsive Podcast with Logan Paul

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Is there a Class-Action lawsuit against Logan Paul over the NFT Game CryptoZoo?

NFT Game CryptoZoo

Apparently the legitamacy of this NFT game which involves buying and selling Cryptocurrecny has recently come in question. Youtube sinsation and American Personality Logan Paul seams to be at the forefront of the controversy.

Paul announced CryptoZoo in 2021, participants could purchase Cryptocurrency that allowed them to take part in a digital game. Reports say Paul was named as a defendent in Class-Action lawsuit with claims of millions of dollars lost.

Paul is being excused of abandoning the CryptoZoo project and keeping the funds.

What is the CryptoZoo Lawsuit about?

The Defendants executed a “rug pull”

A colloquial term used to describe a scheme in which an NFT developer solicits funds from prospective NFT purchasers promising them certain benefits. Once the purchasers’ funds are used to purchase the NFTs, the developers abruptly abandon the project and fail to deliver the promised benefits all while fraudulently retaining the purchasers’ funds. CryptoZoo Case 1:23-cv-00110 Document 1 Filed 02/02/23.

CryptoZoo Case 1:23-cv-00110

What is Cryptozoo?

NFT Game

Officailly launched in 2021, Cryptozoo was an animated adventure game that allowed Zookeepers to buy, sell and trade.

CryptoZoo was intended to be an NFT-based play-to-earn game. People could purchase a Cryptocurrency used in the game and buy eggs with them.

Wrap up

All in all, Logan Paul has been an interesting character over the past few years. One could easily say, "taking the internet by storm". Just one half of the famous brother duo. Yes, brother to Jake Paul. This is all undertermined and you'll have to wait like the rest of us, to see where this story ends up. What I can say, is that he and his brother leveraged the internet like I've never seen. Much success to both the brothers.

As it relates to CryptoZoo, well I've never been interested in Cyrptocurrency. Honestly I don't Know anything about it or it's real value. "I stick to the tradition stocks". But that's just me, everyone has their own investing strategies. Check out Logan's podcast, imPaulsive.

Podcaster Logan Paul wearing glasses

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