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Evil servants killed by Alyssa Hamilton in Clock Tower 3

Updated: Feb 9

Alyssa enters the mysterious Clock Tower. Vicious ghosts draw strength from the suffering of others. They have returned, and to stop them you must unravel a series of gruesome deaths before the Evil Servants come after her.

Alyssa Hamilton in pink dress playing the piano

What is Clock Tower 3

Horror Survival Game

Alyssa Hamilton

You'll be tasked with finding suitable weapons to destroy the evil spirits to save innocent souls. Alyssa is feeling the stress of fendinf off evil to survival. Hide or utilize objects around you -- your wits and imagination are the best weapons you have, in this fully interactive 3D world.

Dark Man

Fight to free the trapped souls and understand the secrets of the Dark Man, and his connection to the mysterious Clock Tower.

Alyssa Hamilton is a Dark Spooky Magical Girl

Clock Tower 3 Customer reviews

Full review posted on

Pretty fun, magical, and funny. The entities you have to battle are not really scary at all. The only downfall bout this game is that I wish she can run faster than them. But I enjoyed the game. Kind of reminded me of sailor moon just kinda spooky and dark .

Clock Tower 3 is a great story

Full review posted on

This is an exciting game that keeps you on the run the whole time. The story is very disturbing and extremely cruel. I defeated everything in this game except the last boss. I tried about a 100 times and gave-up. The rest of the game was very good so not sure why the difficulty was ramped-up - so much at the end. If anyone has good pointers for the last boss please Help-Me. The closest game to it would probably be SH3, but with a bit less creepiness because the atmosphere isn't as bad as the Otherworld. Well worth the playthrough.

Clock Tower 3 is great

Full review posted on

I bought this game along with another and they both arrived really fast! I was surprised it didn't take at least a week! So get the 2nd fastest shipping you can if your impatient like me lol! The game so far plays beautiful for a used one as well only 1 tiny scratch was found after close inspection so if you are a broke gamer like myself then check out the used games from the amazon wear house and get the used one for $15 and you won't be disappointed! Love this game and can't wait to finish it and see the end!

Grade Clock Tower 3

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Clock Tower 3 is Dark and Moody

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Wrap Up

"Dark and Spooky", navigate in darkness. If you enjoy magical evil spirits. Do you believe in ghosts and spooks? This is what an Amazon customer said, " The murders depicted in it are disturbing, and I say that as someone who has witnessed immeasurable amounts of death and carnage in video games." To read what else she said, go here!


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Feb 12

She left a great review


Mykal Isquierdo
Mykal Isquierdo
Feb 12
Rated 4 out of 5 stars.

Despite its compelling storyline and suspenseful atmosphere, Clock Tower 3 falls short in some areas. The gameplay mechanics can feel clunky at times, and the controls may prove frustrating for some players. Additionally, the game's reliance on trial-and-error gameplay may deter those seeking a more streamlined experience.

Nevertheless, Clock Tower 3 remains a noteworthy entry in the survival horror genre, offering a unique blend of psychological horror and supernatural elements. With its haunting atmosphere and engaging storyline, it's sure to leave a lasting impression on fans of the genre.

This game may not be without its flaws, but its atmospheric storytelling and chilling gameplay make it a worthwhile experience for horror enthusiasts. This is one that should be in your…

Feb 12
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