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We entered 2 death-plagued warzones! Call of Duty: Black Ops 1 & 2

Updated: Feb 6

The Call of Duty Black Ops Combo Pack. Customize your weapons and prepare for battle in the Cold War. Locate a Numbers Station, intercept the message to Sleeper Agents with instructions to unleash Chemical weapons across the United States. You are what stands between World destruction and kaos. This journey takes you to Cuba, Laos, Vietnam, the Soviet Union, Hong Kong, and the Arctic Circle.

You are CIA operative Alex Mason with aquired elite skills to execute Combat missions. Black Ops takes place some time during 1961-1968 which includes the Cold & Vietnam Wars. The secret history of the CIA clandestine black operations carried out mostly behind enemy lines in various locations around the World.

Other Characters COD Black Ops

Alex Mason

CIA SAD/SOG operative and former U.S. Marine Force Recon Captain

Jason Hudson

Frank Woods

Joseph Bowman

Grigori Weaver

Call of Duty Black Ops 2, storylines cross-over, the end of the first Cold War and 2025 during the second Cold war. Rare earths trade disputes get heated between China and other contries.

Characters COD Black Ops II

Raul Menendez

The game's primary antagonist

Alex Mason's son David

Lev Kravchenko

Viktor Reznov

COD blacks ops soilder in chemical suite

Review poste on 03/15/22 by

Big fan of Call of Duty Zombies....I was worried it wouldn't work on our Xbox One S.....but I ordered taking a chance and had NO problem to download and play!!

soilder killed in call of duty video game

Call of Duty Black Ops Machine gun shooting

In Conclusion

Call of Duty: Black Ops II stands as a landmark title within the gaming industry, captivating millions of players worldwide with its gripping storyline, intense multiplayer action, and innovative gameplay mechanics. With its branching narrative, the game pushed the boundaries of storytelling in the first-person shooter genre, offering players meaningful choices that impacted the outcome of the game. The multiplayer component, featuring diverse maps, customizable loadouts, and addictive gameplay modes, fostered a vibrant community that continues to thrive years after its release. Despite its age, "Black Ops II" remains a testament to the enduring appeal of the "Call of Duty" franchise, leaving an indelible mark on gaming history and paving the way for future iterations to build upon its legacy.

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