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1 Incredible Earbud that hasn't fallen from my ear in 6 years.

Updated: Apr 14

JLAB Go Air Sport Wireless Earbuds is by far the best I've ever used. Let me tell you, I'm a bonafide Gym Rat. I've played just about any Sport you can name, so you can image I've been through a few Earbuds and Headsets in my day. Oh yea I'm 51 by the way, I finally found a pair of Wireless Earbuds that are actually worth the price and hasn't touched a nasty Gym floor in 6 years. I don't know about you guys but once my Earbud hits a dirty floor, I tend to not want to use it again, that's just me. Lucky for you, in this post I'm going to get more in detail about these amazing Earbuds, that I bought from Target of all places. Thank you for spending time on gameProXL, you are a valued reader! Don't forget to check out the 2023 in-depth customer reviews at the bottom of this post.

Redhead Girl wearing green JLab Wireless Earbuds

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Best Wireless Earbuds made for Sports I've ever used?

Go Air Sport Wireless Earbuds

JLab Earbuds

32 hours of playtime, in other words, fully charge it and go work out a few days straight without worrying about it. But that's not why I'm recommending these, they have just simply never fallen off my ears during any workout in 6 years. Pretty insane considering I'm 51 and have been in gyms over 40 years.

Guys I'm not sure why it took me this long to find these but literally I've probably bought hundreds of different types of Earbuds and Headsets over the years. The JLab Go Air Sport Earbuds are the only pair to have never fallen out during a run or workout.

I workout on average 5-6 days per week and kidding you not, these things have never hit the ground. When I bought them, I was really just hoping for the best, not really expecting them to last for then a month or two (that was my 40 year norm) or be stable during workouts. I'd just never found a pair in the past that fit and didn't fall out.

I could sit here a tell you about feature after feature, but really I'm just amazed they've never fallen out. I thought to myself its about time I tell other people. I wish I new about these 40 years ago, it would have saved me alot of money. Yes, I want to keep highlighting the fact that they have never falling out!

Why Go Air Sport JLab Earbuds?


JLab Earbuds

  • They've never touched a nasty Gym floor or the ground

  • They never get dirty, except if my ears are dirty lol

  • They never break from hitting the floor and getting stepped on

  • Absolutely worth every single penny

  • Use for multiple Sports

  • Available in Black, Blue, Yellow, Sand, Green & Light Blue

Go Air Sport JLab Earbud Customer Reviews

2023 JLab Earbud Reviews

Review posted on 01/13/23 by

I purchased these because I was looking for a pair of cheap buds I can wear when I go for a run outside. If I run on the treadmill at the gym, I wear a pair of noise cancelling phones, but when I'm on the streets in my neighborhood, noise cancelling is actually unsafe. I should say all I use these for is listening to music as a distraction while I'm running - I do not use them for phone calls, so I can speak to their utility for that application. Here are my pros and cons after using them for a couple of weeks:


- Comfort. This is huge to me since I wear them while I'm running. They are flexible enough to fit comfortably over my ear while still remaining secure the entire time I run. I also wear glasses and they are comfortable to wear with them. The different size rubber tips help customize the fit in-ear.

- Charge. So far, these have held a charge like a champ! Again, I only use them while running (about 30-45 minutes per wearing), but they will last a week or more without having to be recharged.

- Connectivity. These paired with my Samsung immediately and I've had no issues with dropping or having to re-connect during use or between uses. I can't speak to distance from phone since I only use them when I'm running and, therefore, my phone is always at hand.


- Sound Quality. Look, these are $20 headphones. They are obviously not going to sound like Bose ear buds! The sound is tinny and thin, with almost no bass, but depending on what you're using them for, that may or may not matter much. It doesn't to me because I'm not looking for amazing sound quality while I'm out jogging - I just want something that'll play my tunes and distract me from my knee pain! These do the trick, but don't expect great sound out of them.

Overall, I'd say these are good ear buds if you're looking for comfort and ease of use without being worried about audiophile-quality sound.

Review posted on 02/12/23 by

I bought and returned several pairs of bluetooth headphones at this price point before settling on these, so I'm generally very happy with them and it's hard to complain given how cheap they are. That being said, they're not perfect.


- Very cheap price

- Good sound quality

- Comfortable

- Good battery life

- Very easy to use charging case.


- The biggest con is that the headphones don't have any actual buttons. They have an area that you tap with your fingers in various sequences to control volume, play/pause, etc. In theory, this isn't a bad design but in practice, they don't work very well. If your hands are cold/wet, they don't respond well, and if you're walking/jogging, it's hard to tap the correct area.

- The bluetooth pairing is generally very easy and reliable so long as you're only using them with one device. However, if you plan to use them with multiple devices (phone, computer, etc), they are finicky. I use them on my phone 90% of the time, but if I want to use them on my computer, I have to completely disable bluetooth on my phone. Afterward, I have to tell my laptop to "forget" the headphones so that they don't automatically pair. It's not the end of the world, but it's inconvenient and I haven't had this problem with other cheap bluetooth headphones.

Review posted on 01/24/23 by

I’ve purchased three pairs of these so far, and not because I’ve had to replace any. I got my original pair from the local Walmart and loved them. Since then, they’ve been the number one requested item for birthdays for my kids. We now have my original pair in black, my son has the green pair, and my daughter has the sand pair.

They sound good, pair quickly with both android and iOS, and the change lasts a good long while.

My oldest daughter has a pair of expensive beats buds that she regrets purchasing because these have better battery life and sound nearly as good. The only thing her beats do that these don’t is active noise cancellation.

The ear hooks make these perfect in the gym and I went so long between charges that I lost count of the months. That’s with 1-2 hour workouts at high volume 5 days a week.

The only reason this isn’t a five star product at this price is because if their weird charging system. I’d much rather a usb-c port than what they have

Review posted on 02/07/23 by

These headphones arrived neatly packaged and in a timely manner. I was excited to find them in such a gorgeous color. The magnetic charging case is so conveniently sized! Their design is great for anyone that can't use typical earbuds because they feel too loose, etc. They were not only quick to charge, but to pair with my Android A12. They remain as efficient to this day, approximately one month later. I can rely on these headphones remaining in place while still sounding great. They also reduce outside noise to a reasonable level. My only discomfort stems from wearing them over an hour straight; it's at this time my ears will feel sore. However, that is more likely due to my ear shape and extensive use. I recommend this product!

Review posted on 07/27/22 by

After my old bluetooth Mpow running ear buds which were linked by a stiff flexible band 'finally' failed (basically fell apart due to use) I bought the Mpow Cheetah. Sound was ok but the connecting wire seemed to pull the ear buds out when running. Only used them 6 times and tried every tip combination. So researched and found these JLab Go Air. Fantastic! Used on holiday in France and now back home in the UK. Takes a bit of practice with the tapping the left and right to change sound level etc. but very pleased. I do get external sounds intruding, but running on country roads this is a real good safety for me so I can hop out of the way of cars before they get to me, (well not so sure about being able to hear EV's!). The charging carry case is fantastic. Small to carry and charges as soon as you have replaced the buds. I have only marked the sound as a 4 star because although it is great for me, I am not an expert and I don't expect super high quality sound for the price nor do I want it when running. So far no complaints. Link/Pair to all phones I have tried them with and left and right stay connected.

08/07/2022 update. Went out on a 10 K run at the weekend. As I run through the countryside, part way I chose to turn off the buds, (easy, just a double tap on the RH side), to listen to the wildlife. At the 5 mile mark I suddenly remembered that they should still be in my ears. I had to reach up and touch them to be certain they were still there, and yes they were. So definitely comfortable and a keeper :)

Review posted on 04/22/22 by

Purchased these as they were very reasonably priced with good spec from a reputable brand (also own Go Work headset I use for work). I’m a semi-regular runner and go out 2-3 times a week and will run 5-10k, and enjoy listing to music / podcasts. They arrived promptly and well packaged in a nicely presented small box. Pairing to my iphone was very easy, took seconds to pair and they fit extremely well – having the sports ear hooks keeps the buds firmly in when running.

The battery life is great in both the earbuds and the case – I’ve not needed to charge the case up yet and used them pretty regularly. The sounds is amazing for the money – I’ve had a play with the sound settings and there is certainly a noticeable difference with the Bass Boost mode. I tend to change the sounds setting depending what I’m listening too which is a nice feature.

Touch controls are good and the mic for calls is pretty good – no complaints from callers.

Overall great sports wireless earbuds and would recommend to others.

In Conclusion

I use these Earbuds 5-6 per week and I love them, mainly because they always stay in my ears no matter what! I've probaly tried over 100 of these over the years, I have no problem with the sound quality. I would recommend these all day ever day and 3 times on Sunday!

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