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Most underrated MultiPlatform controller Streamers love

Updated: Mar 19

Ask yourself if your Nintendo setup includes the best Switch controller sold in 2023. If your current Switch Bluetooth controller does not have powerful functions like wake up Switch, Screenshot or Turbo, just to name a few; then you might want to consider this MultiPlatform Bluetooth controller.

What is the best Switch Controller?

MultiPlatform Bluetooth Switch controllers with Portable Joysticks.

Remote Game Controller with Remote Programmable Button/Macro/Turbo/Vibration. Gyro Axis, Type-C Rechargeable Wireless Game Pad 15H Playtime, Portable Joystick.

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MultiPlatform Controller Features

Innovative & Superior Technology

  • Program your own Operations:You can program a combination of loop operations that can be customized for up to 30 seconds, including interval and long-press operations. 2 interchange freely function: You may easily interchange left joy-stick and D-PAD, or A&B/ X&Y based as you need.

Built for Game

  • Low-friction thumbstick, a comfortable textured grip, and wireless gameplay running on most platform such as Windows PC, Mac, Fire TV, iPhone, iPad, and select Android phones.

Connect via Bluetooth and USB

  • Compatible with Switch, Windows PC, Mac, phone, and other Apple MFI games. Built-in 650mAh large capacity battery supports up to 15 hours playtime, fully charged for 3 hours. The wireless gamepad is rechargeable via Type-C cable, playable while charging.

Mulity Function Designed for Gaming

  • Desired for best gaming experiece, this gaming controller have powerful functions like wake up Switch, Screenshot, 6 Gyro sensor, Adjustable Turbo, Vibration, programming the operation and interchange the button. With these function, this controller could give you more fun and let you feel like in the real gaming world.

Multi-Platform Bluetooth Controller

Which Platforms does this Controller support?

Mac, Fire TV, Windows PC, iPhone, Switch, Select Andoid phones

Multi-Platform Bluetooth Controller

MultiPlatform Controller Reviews

2023 Customer Reviews

Review posted on 03/14/23 by

Finally a product that actually deos what it says! I went through 5 other conpanys controllers that claimed they work with macs.. finally this one works!

Review posted on 02/28/23 by

Got this to play Genshin impact that I downloaded to my ipad. Works great! Easy to edit control options in the game and makes iPad gaming so much more comfortable. I love this thing!

Review posted on 02/03/23 by

Bought it to use on my ipad and it works perfectly. I'm NOT a gamer by any means and only play a couple here and there. Easy to use, set up was a dawdle and it's comfy to hold

Customer questions & answers

Does this controller work for the PS4 Pro?

We are so sorry this controller does not work for PS4 Pro

Question posted on 03/23/23 by

Will it work with the Xbox app? The one that does mobile Pla

Yes, it could work with Xbox app.

Question posted on 04/21/22 by

Will this controller work with my emulator games on my phone

Yes, it works perfectly with Nintendo 3ds and DS consoles. It should work with any console. I think I remember going to settings in the emulator app after connecting (pairing) the controller toy phone and making sure all the buttons were configured. I play Mario and Zelda games and I finished one. Completely playable emulator games with this controller. But the touch screen controls weren't bad either.

Question posted on 11/04/22 by

Can I play it when charging?

Yes, my friend. You can use when it 'charging

Question posted on 07/07/21 by


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